10 Web Tools to Engage Students in Hands-on Activities in Class via Educators’ technology

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As advocates of the ‘learning-by-doing’ approach in education, we strongly believe that students learn best when they are engaged in authentic learning activities. Learning by doing is actually the first learning form our ancestors drew on to tame the harsh world around them.

Through it they discovered how to light fire, how to hunt together, and how to connect and lay the groundwork for the ‘civilized’ world we live in now. At the core of the learning by doing philosophy is maximizing students engagement in the learning process through real or simulated activities where students get to experiment with various ideas, tools and resources.

It is a student-centred approach that puts the learner behind the wheel. In today’s post, we are sharing with you 10 good web tools that will help you integrate the ethos of this learning-by-doing methodology in your instruction. You can use them in your class to engage your students in hands-on activities while having fun and developing collaborative and team work more…


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