11 Entrepreneur Organizations With Strong Communities To Support You


Being an entrepreneur is daunting enough with the constant hurdles in dealing with employees, sales, and customers; challenging yourself to be a better leader; and managing the personal drain on your mind. Knowing that you aren’t alone is a comforting feeling, but also surrounding yourself with like-minded smart people can be a differentiating factor.

I’ve been in difficult times, and one of the best resources has been getting involved and experiencing some of the communities and organizations below that truly want to help entrepreneurs through those hard times.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out which ones to go to. Hopefully, these options give you a guide on which resources could be great for you.

1. Entrepreneurs’ Organization

I don’t think I’ve seen any past lists regarding resources for entrepreneurs that didn’t place EO toward the top. My co-founder is a member of EO, and she’s said several times that her EO Forum has been life-changing and that the trust she’s formed with this group is priceless. In addition to Forums, the organization provides a bunch of different programs aimed at specific needs and areas of focus that any entrepreneur could use.

2. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program

Going through the program a few years ago was probably one of the more meaningful experiences I’ve had as an entrepreneur. I strongly recommend you apply if you qualify. We ended up winning the Midwest award, but even if we hadn’t, the process would still have been eye-opening. I hadn’t been interviewed since way before we started this last company, and the process helped us become more self-aware. Not to mention the local, regional, national, and world events that follow, which are super valuable.

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