11 Risks of Working in An Unhealthy Work Environment

Far too many of us have worked in an unhealthy environment at one time or another. You may be wondering if you’re in an unhealthy work environment right now. Some places of employment are clearly toxic, while others are not quite as clear-cut. Any job has the potential for injury or stress, but in an unhealthy environment, your risks will be greater. 

Approximately one in every five American workers reports working in a toxic environment. For too long, I was one of them. I spent three years at a company that did not allow their employees to develop or use their skills, did not offer room for advancement, and didn’t even provide water. 

While I was with that company, I recognized that it was a depressing, demoralizing dead end. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the effects were also potentially dangerous to my physical and mental health. 

What a Toxic Workplace Looks Like?

If you are experiencing mental stress, emotional anguish, or physical pain, it could be caused by your toxic work environment. The first step in getting out of a toxic workplace is admitting your job is toxic and understanding the effects it is having on your physical and mental health. 

Answer the following questions to determine if you’re working in an unhealthy environment:

  1. Do you dread going to work?
  2. Do you feel a weight on your shoulders every time you go to work?
  3. Do your superiors or coworkers make you feel bad about yourself?
  4. Are your superiors or coworkers verbally abusive?
  5. Are you afraid to take time off?
  6. Is your salary low?
  7. Is your work not challenging enough?
  8. Do you have an excessive workload while your coworkers slack off?
  9. Are your performance expectations unclear?
  10. Do other people take credit for your work?
  11. Is being a team player not encouraged?
  12. Is there a lack of opportunity for advancement?
  13. Does the company not encourage and promote employee relations
  14. Are you not given adequate time and support to complete your tasks?
  15. Are you discouraged from developing skills you could add to your resume?
  16. Is there a lot of workplace gossip at your place of employment? 
  17. Are you discouraged from giving feedback or opinions?
  18. Do your coworkers sabotage and undermine each other?
  19. Do your coworkers have a negative attitude?
  20. Do your coworkers blame others for their own failings? 

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Even one or two yes answers is a huge red flag. More than that, and you’re definitely in an unhealthy workplace. Keep reading to learn more about the signs. If any of the following sounds familiar, your workplace is toxic.

By: Career Metis

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