Purple Vault Mailer

Stephane welcome you to the bank of mailing credits. As you enter our secret basement, you will notice lots of safe deposit boxes and you can’t miss our big purple vault. Every time you click an email link, you will open a safe deposit box and be rewarded with credits and maybe even a digit […]

75% Mailer

I really wanted to share with you this awesome mailer. The results I am getting from my mailings are wicked! If you choose to promote it, you can earn up to 75% cash commissions too.Don’t just take my word for it, check it out yourself.. When you promote your 75% Mailer splash pages, existing members […]

Mobile Lead Flow

Mobile Lead Flow is a brand new software solution (and training course) which automates everything for you! Facebook Collects the Leads and Mobile Lead Flow automatically and seamlessly transitions your brand new collected leads into your favorite Autoresponder and CRM.We get straight to the point by delivering you the PROVEN, income generating formula right here […]

Crazy Kala Cover Creator

Finding the right image for your blog content or website can be hard. It can take hours to pick the one that fits your site best. Scouring 100s of websites is not the best use of your time. Thats why we made is EXTREMELY SIMPLE. Our 1-click search finds over 10 million images within seconds. […]

The Fat Burn Formula

The only weight loss program that gives you a path, the tools and the determination to see it through! Never before has anyone focused on the mental aspect of fitness and because of it too many people quit.You have probably tried many times to lose weight and failed,we will explain why that happens and how […]

Peki Mailer

Daniela Germanova Pre-Launches Peki Mailer. 3 reasons to join right now and to start promoting like mad: 1/ Be a TOP Doggie – Lifetime Founder membership for just $ 20 one-time. 2/ 50% commission for each paid referral under you- get these 10$ again and again. 3/ Always good, clean, responsive advertising. To earn more […]

Social Connect

If you want to build a solid and a long-term relationship with your visitors, there isn’t anything else better than social connect in the market right now. With Social Connect you can add a live and public comment box to you page. You will never miss a customer again and as soon as you have […]

Stock Media Files

Stock Media Files are royalty-free. Use the files as many times as you like for book covers, Facebook ads, blog posts, flyers and brochures, sales material, social media posts and more… without ever worrying you’ll receive notice you owe for royalties for use. And we have only one license to worry about with our pics. Enjoy using […]

Free Bee Safelist

Earn Money For Referring MemOur Safelist lets you use A Credit (Point) Based mailing system! Credit(Point) Based Mailer: With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to the safelist up to 3 times a day as long as you have credits left. One credit = one person you can mail to. You will get 10000 […]

IM Phenom Marketing Tool

This complete set of marketing tools would typically cost you hundreds of dollars per month in total but we’re giving you the entire suite of marketing tools at one small monthly cost. The tools alone are worth their weight in gold! But we’re not stopping there. In this app you will find modules showing How […]

Video Marketing 2.0 Made Easy

You need a solution, so you can start selling your own product today, not in months, without spending thousands of bucks. That’s why we are introducing this Huge Biz in a Box completely designed for you. So I present to you my latest creation, a powerful “Video Marketing 2.0 Training Course“. It’s ready to plug […]


EmailXProfits offers the exclusive training you need to optimize your results in the Viral Mailers/Safelist Industry. We also provide a fully functional and unique Viral mailer/Safelist allowing you to instantly tap into a list of thousands to share your products and services too. Detailed step by step report that takes you from newbie to pro. […]

Video Enigma 3D

The way Video Enigma has re-imagined video for many people already, we have full confidence you will enjoy adding a new dimension to your videos bringing better engagement, more leads, sales and overall results.Video Enigma’s Interactive 3D Product Box is a SHOW STOPPER! The never-before-seen 360 Degree Product Box could be a stand alone product, […]

Social Kickstart

Social Kickstart provides serious marketers with everything they need to create amazing campaigns from a single location. From market research, to insight gathering, to ad management Social Kickstart is a dream for Facebook marketers. Imagine being able to schedule months worth of content in 30 minutes or less, Imagine streamlining every aspect of your Facebook […]

The List Auction

The List Auction is a powerful list-building and traffic-generating system that helps you build an enormous list of double opt-in prospects that are hungry for what you have to offer… and it’s Free to join Think how fast your list will grow and how many sales you can rake in especially when the people who […]

Everything Rebrandable

Build a good, large list and develop a relationship of trust with your subscribers and it is a goldmine. Many people make thousands just by sending out a simple email that takes 10 minutes to write. It is like a massive library full of quality written reports and ebooks and even “desktop membership site” software […]

Tweet Viral

Tweet Viral is the easiest way to create and embed tweetable quotes in your blogs. Simply choose a template, customize it with your quote and author name and then select on which page to display it. It takes less than a minute to set up a tweetable quote with Tweet Viral!Simply upload Tweet Viral to […]

Ads Pay Pro

Get your sites or your offers in front of thousands of eager buyers in a very short space of time at very reasonable rates.  At any point, value for money is always a prime concern. There is no point in going cheap for zero or little result. But also there is no point in paying […]

The Last Mailer

Money, time, and a whole bunch of persistence is needed to build a large and responsive list. But what if there was a program out there that allowed you to advertise to a list already filled with active members and responsive buyers? You could use all that Money, time, and persistence towards what you promote!Imagine […]

The Evolution Mailer

Every day thousands of new people join viral mailers. The Evolution Mailer is on the cutting edge of these programs, bringing in new members to view your affiliate and splash pages. The truth is there are probably many things that you look for in deciding on a new viral mailer from fast and friendly customer […]