Domainer Elite Course


In this page were going to give you a crash course in the art of buying low, selling HIGH. Let’s Do IT! I never knew I would hit it big, but the concept is simple.. we are all sitting on an opportunity like no other. INTERNET REAL ESTATE for PENNIES and then sell for dollars.Whether you are a domain investor, webmaster or business owner, I’ve got something for you. The hard part? You’ve got to find them.. Yes, domains are being bought up, but there are many domains still available, but the hard part is finding them. Hence the need for our recipes and software. We cover singular domain selling, brand name selling, starter site selling, established site selling and “package” domain selling. Finding a domain name that’s available to purchase for $9.00 and then turning around and selling it for $9,000 is NOT easy. For instance a domain like They’re out there, but I went automated from manual about a year ago. I used to search all night… Id start with a list, and I would scour the web. Id appraise, look down the list of availables and grab them up, then drop them on the marketplaces and watch them sell for more than I bought them for.When you are scouring, the one thing that you WISH you had was a list generator.. a button you could press, appraisal, the whole nine years all hooked together so you weren’t going back & forth, getting eye strain. I mean you know the reward is significant.. selling your first domain is amazing. The lump sum payment.. Nothing like that. But the process to find them is strenuous, it really is like you are MINING for GOLD.


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