Octosuite Syndication Bundle


OCTOSUITE allows you to replace the need for a social media manager by having ALL of your fan pages, groups and external social networks posting the most viral trending content daily for you instantly, sending your organic reach’ through the roof, your posts viral, automating the work that normally would take HOURS to do and most importantly grow your audience and bank account right away.

OCTOSUITE allows you to instantly find the most trending and up to date content from: Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Youtube. Octosuite will also allow you to bulk select content from any fan page or social network provided and with 1 click you can drip feed this content.

OCTOSUITE eliminates the need to post to external social networks as well, simply connect your twitter, linked in or pinterest inside and have your content posted to multiple networks at once.


Front End


  • Facebook Fan Page Discovery
  • FaceBook Group Discovery
  • Twitter Discovery
  • Reddit Discovery
  • Fan Page Discovery
  • Group Discovery
  • Youtube Discovery
  • Royalty Free Discovery


  • Fan page BULK schedulin (unlimited accounts)
  • FaceBook Admin Bulk Group Posting (Admin And Non Admin groups)
  • Bulk content posting And scheduling – Drip Fed posting (post every X hours)
  • Mass Join FaceBook Groups tool
  • Page Poster( Images, Videos,Text )


  • Full post history tool
  • Fan page analytics tool
  • Mass Fan Page Inviter Tool
  • Basic Training


OCTOSUITE lets you replace the need for a social media manager by having ALL of your fan pages, groups and external social networks posting the most viral trending content daily for you immediately, sending your organic reach’ through the roof, your posts viral, automating the work that normally would take HOURS to do and most importantly develop your audience and bank account right away.


You can have the most viral content from any niche and from around the world being posted on all your Fan Pages and Facebook Groups on complete autopilot.100% set & forget.The usage is very simple. Search for content, viral videos as well as images in your niche. Select the ones you like the most and with 1 click you can add them to the built in scheduler and set the time and date when it should get posted.


Turbo HTML Brander


By the time you use Turbo HTML Brander, you’ll know exactly how to crank out websites your affiliates can brand by just filling in a simple form.PLUS, you can use Turbo HTML Brander to create customized websites and sell them to customers, who can “brand them” with their information.

But don’t take my word for it.Once you do, you’ll gain instant access to Turbo HTML Brander along with the Step by Step PDF Manual and the Video Tutorial on how to install and use the software. And since it’s software installed on your hosting account, you can surely use it no matter if you’re a Windows, Mac or Linux user.

This is the quickest, easiest and smartest way to make the best use of the PLR products sitting idle on your computer, and also create your own affiliate army, thus leveraging efforts both on selling more products by yourself and also by the support coming from your affiliates. So don’t waste another moment trying to figure out how pros generate fortunes today – it’s time to get results on your own and stop trying faulty methods.


Using Turbo HTML Brander brings only benefits to you:

  • A quick and easy way to get affiliates promoting your products.

  • You’ll be able to offer your affiliates ready to use bonus pages, meaning they can promote your products easily, even if your affiliates or you don’t have ANY HTML skill, experience, marketing background, etc.
  • You’ll get a simple, few steps process for delivering websites your affiliates can use – alluring them to promote your offer has never been so easy
  • You’ll realize how the pros get the most results by their efforts – even if they work far less than you on a weekly basis.





Figure out how to get instagram traffic to your store. eComily is just what the Doctor ordered. In case you don’t know it yet, Instagram traffic is probably the hottest buyer traffic you’ll ever get especially if you’re selling products that target women such as apparels, make ups, baby toys etc.

Combining Instagram+Built-In Mobile store, you will dig around Instagram and Discover Latest / Trending / Hottest Media for the Products You Sell so You Can Replicate Them to Build Profitable Campaigns.

The big secret behind using the Content Lookup feature is that you’ll gain access to what’s already selling on Instagram, you won’t be running a “trial and error campaign”, right off the bat… you can pick products and promote them with medias that will go viral on instagram, get you lots of buyer traffic and sell out your eCommerce products like crazy.

Our Platform will Automatically Pull in your Instagram Media into Your Mobile Store, all you need to do is add your “BUY NOW LINK” and it’s ready to go.


With over 500 million active users and billions of photos uploaded daily, thousands of Instagram users that have posted good stuff about the product you’re selling on Shopify right now and these people showing off how good the product is or how much they love the product are the exact people you need to seal your next sell.

Because these people are 100% real and just 1 click away from your shoppers to see them on Instagram as well, you’ll instantly build trust, increase conversions and make more sales, only problem is that it’s nightmare to look for them yourself.





DeskZulu is an online help desk that runs on your web server. It gives you a simple, straightforward interface for managing.If you currently use email to handle customer service requests, this can be costing you a huge amount of time.

Think of what your email inbox looks like right now. If you’re like most people it’s a mix of personal messages, spam, and business-related messages.It’s cluttered.If you get dozens of messages every day, you might actually miss messages entirely, pissing off your customers to no end and potentially costing you busisness.

DeskZulu has all the basic features of the higher end ticket management apps,On top of that, you can have an unlimited number of users online at any time, at no extra cost. DeskZulu doesn’t operate on a Monthly payment or subscription model.

DeskZulu is not only dramatically more affordable than the subscription-based help desk… It’s also much more flexible, safe, secure and private. When you use a subscription-based Ticket System on someone else’s server, your personal files are at their disposal.



DeskZulu has all the basic features of the higher end ticket management apps, including:



SMS Text Software


Having the power to send SMS messages to any customer is going to be ideal for your needs and you will maintain a great connection with them too. This is perfect for small investments, for higher ROI and for the most cost-effective solutions. There is full support for the best email and SMS gateways available too.

Create email template easily with visual Editor. HTML code writing option is also available. Setting up scheduled SMS and email marketing campaigns is truly going to be a breeze.SMS text Software is the best bulk email software to manage your mailing lists and set up email marketing campaigns in few easy steps. SMS text software supports SMTP and major email Gateways

Text messages are a brief, effective, inexpensive means of communication. Over 95% of text messages are opened within minutes of delivery! Most people carry their cellular phones with them wherever they go, so unlike email, text messages can reach people when they are away from their desks.

This feature is perfect for when you know you will not be at your desk when an SMS message needs to go out. You can schedule your SMS text messages to be sent at a future date and time – up to a year into the future.

It can be used to set up a reminder message the day before an appointment, meeting or event. It can be used to tell customers about a one day only special. You can even schedule SMS messages to go out to yourself, to remind you of any events, meetings or what groceries you need to pick up at the end of the day.

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Facebook Viral Booster


Going viral is the holy grail of content marketing and any business owner marketing their company online wants it.It can be frustrating since Facebook’s news feed algorithm so tightly controls what people see. What’s your secret for getting people to share your Facebook posts?

Our exclusive tool will allow you to boost your posts within minutes and get incredible exposure and tons of free traffic based on our very own secret sauce formula.A complete Guide to Creating Viral Marketing Content – If you want to get huge amounts of traffic to any niche. Look over our shoulder as we create viral content and get loads of free traffic from Facebook.

It is based on an SEO like algorithm for Facebook which gets free viral traffic straight from Facebook to any page, blog, video or offer that you got.

Main Features:

  • Get FREE Traffic To Your Website Or Landing Pages
  • Get Video Views, Likes, Comments and Shares, Within Seconds
  • Save Hundreds And Thousands Of Dollars On Paid Traffic
  • Discover The Secret To Viral Magnetic Posts On Facebook
  • Great For Newbies And Perfect For Experienced Marketers









Solochecker is the Internets first and only realtime marketplace dedicated to buying and selling solo ads.Solochecker.com features the first ‘Real Time’ Solo Ads marketplace on the Internet!

This gives you complete visibility of all available Solo Ad offers, and best deals.. for any date. Simply put, this means you spend less time searching for your perfect solo ad, and more time on what is important to you.

As a Solo Ad seller you can instantly display your offers to our ever growing audience of buyers searching for high quality, and dependable traffic. Our new developed real time technology guarantees your Solo Ads will be visible to the entire marketplace the very moment you include them.

Solochecker Premium Buyer Trial Membership review benefits:

  • Get Started Selling For Only $1. No membership fees to get started selling your Solo Ad offers
  • Find the best Solo Ad sellers in seconds!.Using our unique REP feedback system, you’ll find the best Solo Ad sellers with ease
    Instant Visibility Of Your Solo Ads. Add your Solo Ad offers and be selling them in seconds to our hungry marketplace!
  • Realtime visibility. See live availability of all of Solo Ads, for each click amount
    >>No Commission Fees… EVER! Unlike some competitors, we don’t.. and NEVER will charge you any additional fees
  • 100% Safe & Secure Experience. Avoid risky methods of finding Solo Ads – All Solo Ad sellers are carefully monitored
  • Sell Your Solo Ads 24/7. Set and forget – add your offers and let our marketplace do the hard work for you!
  • Targeted Traffic For Your Offers. Find the most targeted traffic for your offers using our built in tools
  • Upgrade As Your Business Grows. Increase your Membership and marketplace visibility as your business grows
  • Solo Ads Your Way! Build your own personal network of preferred Solo Ad providers
  • Display Your Offers On Your Own Website.Display your Solo Ad booking calendar directly on your own website for even more sales!


Our new, groundbreaking Solo Ads platform simplifies the issues surrounding finding, buying and selling solo ads.  We provide complete market visibility which means more informed buyers.. and quicker buying decisions.

 The concept of a real-time marketplace also provides that sense of urgency/scarcity to make the purchase, as at ANY moment the desired offer may be reserved, purchased and removed from our marketplace.

Using the technology we’ve developed, it’s now possible to find the best/most suitable Solo Ad in under one minute, and have it completely paid for and booked in another minute!   There’s nothing quite like it out there, and we firmly believe that we’ve developed the best solution for today’s Solo Ad needs.


FB Cash Master


Tony Lucas  is presenting  you FB Cash Master. All of this income was made and is being made only on Facebook, only with Facebook pages. The beauty of this is that, even now, when Facebook algorithm changes has killed so many pages, my methods continue to work like before. They work because these techniques are evergreen.

He give Facebook what it wants and he has the system in place to profit when Facebook rewards me with traffic.The product talks about FB traffic, FREE fans, 0 cent – 1 cent fans,unique monetization methods, Teespring, Never Revealed money making opportunities… everything.He seriously learned more actionable information in this course than any course he went through all year.

Tony has got hundreds of thousands of FREE fans by just using some of the 11 tricks of the Facebook new era the best traffic you can get and it doesn’t cost a thing. Tony has got hundreds of thousands of FREE fans by just using some of the 11 tricks of the Facebook new era the best traffic you can get and it doesn’t cost a thing.

These are so simple, and cost nothing to next to nothing to implement but have generated hundreds of thousands of fans to a lot of fan pages and when you see the monetization strategy, you may consider quitting your day job to sit on Facebook all day.




FB Sweepstakes Profits


FB Sweepstakes Profits is Powerful Proven in Making Millions of Dollars Building Emails Lists and Communities in A Ton of Different Niches. And Then You Will Simply Have The Ability to Build Huge Viral Emails Lists and FB Communities of Your Own on Almost Complete Autopilot Without Ever Having to Spending a fortune on traffic, Without Wasting time you don’t have with annoying tech, and Without Having to wait weeks or months for it to grow!

Therefore if you’re not building huge and responsive lists, Actually It’s Not Your Fault! 100% Get Started Building A Profitable Email List Is The #1 Reason 99% Of Marketers Fail When Trying To Make Money Online! As we all know the money is in a highly targeted hyper active LIST. And also yet most marketers fail dismally trying to build and make money from a list for one of 3 major reasons:

  • Actually they don’t have the money to spend on advertising (absolutely PPC can cost a fortune if you do it wrong!)
  • Actually they don’t have something irresistible that practically forces traffic to join their list…
  • Actually they have no idea how to create proven to convert viral campaigns that build communities and lists on complete autopilot!




FB Sweepstakes Profits Features:

  • 2 Best Stunning Templates that allows you to create looking sweepstakes. And these are the same templates Roger used to build his massive 12,000 list and 6,000 Facebook communities in under 14 days.
  • Best Point and Click Technology that allows you to Build Killer Sweepstakes Campaigns in Under 3 Minutes without needing for any design, marketing or tech skill, this is completely Fool Proof
  • Get Exclusive Viral Ballot Technology
    Here almost forces people to want to share your sweepstakes. Using a click of the mouse that you can incentive your new members in multiple ways to share the word about your incredible offer. And this is the secret to generating a massive list of willing buyers for pennies that Roger used this to generate a list that made him $30,000 in nearly instant sales


  • Best Email Lead Generation Technology
    Therefore you build both social and email communities to massively increase the value of the list you are building invaluable
  • Best Set Start and End Dates for Your Contests
    Here you can create scarity to massively increase interaction with your new leads and forces them to take action super Fast
  • Best 1 Click Integration within Facebook FanPages
    This awesome cool thing allows you not only to build crazy big email lists, but also allows you to create huge FanPages. And You Could Have Your Very Own Overnight Community of Members Who Follow What You Have to Say. You Can Sell Them products of your own or as an affiliate






Facebook Timeline Cover


Now that Facebook Timeline has rolled out to everyone, we’re seeing some great services that let you customize the new “Cover Photo” banner space at the top of your profile.While similar services we looked at last year enabled you to select amazing banners, these new sites offer more advanced personalization.

The layouts are not fixed, you can add even more photos by dragging and dropping them between the existing slots. Resize, rotate, flip, or adjust exposure of uploaded photos if you want. Also, you can adjust the spacing between photos, corner rounding, and background color/transparency. You can find some free swatches by selecting the third tab on the left sidebar, which may be useful for decorating your cover photo.

Sign in with your Facebook account or upload your own photos to start adding photos on the canvas. You can crop, add effects, enhance, and rotate your uploaded photos before inserting them on the canvas by drag and drop. Then, you can download the completed Facebook cover to your PC or upload to your Facebook/Instagram account.

The Facebook Cover Maker includes over 50 modifiable Facebook Timeline templates – hundreds of graphics to mix, match and modify! THOUSANDS of possibilities! Just find a template to modify, drag images onto the canvas or just change the text and you’ll have an instant graphic!You’re in full control.


iPhone Screenshot 1

Now you can design amazing covers for Facebook timelines … and SELL what you create! Your own Fanpages will look awesome, and you can sell your cover creations to customers!