Demio Webinar Platform


With this product, you can create a webinar within just a few seconds. It might take you plenty steps if you want to make a webinar with other products. Registering for an account or waiting for hours to get your account verified are what you have to do when you use other software. But you only need one click do finish everything with Demio. How wonderful!

Moreover, you can create not only one webinar but also a series of webinars. Not many products can do this because it requires a powerful server and ample storage. It is the unique feature of this product. You can set up a recurring a series of webinars and your visitors have to sign up only one time to attend all of them.

Besides, your audiences can also choose their date and time. This is particularly useful when you organize a webinar, but your visitors are busy at the time it occurs, you can offer them numerous other dates and times. So they won’t miss any of your webinars.

And one more terrific feature is that this product will record your webinars automatically and publish them to your Demio account. You can download them later if you want. They will have the whole screen, which looks precisely similar to the event.

DEMIO will help you to:


Tips for Promoting your Demio Webinar using Social Media

No one should miss your demio webinar if you promote it on social media. Everyone is on social media looking for friends, relatives, events of interest and social activities. For this reason, your demio webinar can get the huge following it deserves if you promote it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name but a few.

Take advantage of Google+ features.
Google+ has a lot of features that allow event organizers to reach their audiences in the most effective way. When you promote your webinar to your circles in Google+, the event is actually created on the calendar of the circle members. This constantly reminds them of the event.

Create an event on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn also allows you to create events and invite friends to attend. After creating an event, LinkedIn actually gives you a list of the list of attendees you may expect.

Don’t forget Pinterest.
As noted earlier, every social media has something to offer to a webinar promoter. On Pinterest, through the platform is mainly for sharing photos, you can still post promotional content on your demio webinar.

Cover photos.
Visuals are very useful in the marketing world. This said, you should use your cover photos to promote your demio webinar. People are always keen on the cover photos and you can be sure that most visitors to your timeline will check your cover photo. Ensure that it is as visually attractive as possible.

Don’t be dormant.
If you just create an event or cover photo of your demio webinar and imagine people will attend, you are lying to yourself. You have to comment, post on discussions and reply to messages to ensure that the message on the webinar remains on the audience’s hearts.






With LeadzBuilder you create UNLIMITED SEO Optimized Landing and Sales Pages In A Couple Of Clicks!The Local SEO Engine functionality in LeadzBuilder enables the user to generate an unlimited number of seo optimized pages IN ANY LANGUAGE, each one will have a unique URL, description, keywords, and page content but each page looks EXACTLY the same from a design perspective!

LeadzBuilder is a versatile, high performance landing page solution for marketing professionals.Built with HTML5 and CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into this software making it a pleasure to use. There are currently more than 230 + elements sections available in LeadzBuilder with more on the way.

It’s like buying one theme and constantly getting access to new designs all the time!infinite potential page variations made easy by using LeadzBuilder Page Builder.20 Responsive Marketing Landing Pages and more coming in future updates.More than 230 + Unique content blocks.900+ Icons ready to use.Working ajax forms.MailChimp, Aweber, and Get Response integration.Fully Responsive Design.Easy Editing for Builder’s elements.

Ability to edit colors, texts, links, images and source code.SEO data form directly input from builder.Export/Import Projects Feature.Terms, FAQ and Blog layouts (Coming Soon).Login and Signup Pages Layout (Coming Soon).Extensive Documentation and local seo engine video training included.Top notch support.


Check Out some of our amazing landing page samples:


Unlimited Marketing & Landing Page Possibilities! because LeadzBuilder is a flexible page builder that offers a range of unique concepts and modern pre design blocks. Very fast and smartly responsive.LeadzBuilder comes with clear and precise documentation to help you get up and running. We have done our best in developing LeadzBuilder and hope you love it as much as we do. LeadzBuilder comesd with outstanding support and we look forward to assisting you in anyway we can.


Video Ads Formula


Mario spent his own money the last couple of weeks to test Facebook Video Ads in very detail to generate traffic and most importantly LEADS.He got leads for as low as $1.40, his opt in page converts at 53% with COLD traffic and he had a massive Return Of Investment.

He’s going to share EVERYTHING with you – from the ad, to the results to why it’s working so incredibly well.As you know, Video is HUGE right now and just 3 weeks ago Facebook announced that they’re getting 8 Billion Video vies per day! That’s just insane.

Mario understands the power and with this Case Study he’s now giving you everything that is working NOW when it comes to Facebook Ads and specifically Video Ads.Imagine how much targeted traffic you can drive to your website for your offers, services, products, eCommerce store or anything that you want to promote.

In this case study Mario is letting you look behind the curtains. He spent his own money to test everything when it comes to FB Video Ads and now he’s handing you all the info on a silver platter.His exact landing page that converts at 53%. The best form to bid with video. The exact interests that he targeted. His video ads and re-targeting ads.

Every business needs traffic and high quality leads. In this case study you get everything on a silver platter. Copy Mario’s approach, swipe his targeting and landing pages and you’re up and running – he created the case study so that YOU don’t have to do the work.



The front end training is made up of 6 different modules, in total there are 23 videos that run from between 4 and 15 minutes long. There are also 2 additional ‘case study’ modules that  are a part of the OTO / Upsell. In addition to the main training there is an additional bonus module that everyone gets access to


Here is what you get in Video Ads Formula:

Module 1: Foundation

The first module is all about the foundation of the training and some more detailed intro into the course. This module consists the following video lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Mindset Training
  • Case Study Overview
  • Why Video & FB Ads

Module 2: Create Your Page

The second module is all about setting up your pages, such as your Fan Page, Lead Capture Page, Thank you Page as well as the Webinar Registration Page. Module 2 contains the following 6 lessons:

  • Create Your Facebook Fan Page
  • Create Your Lead Capture Page (Part 1)
  • Create Your Lead Capture Page (Part 2)
  • Create Your Thank You Page
  • Create Your Webinar Registration Page
  • Create Your First Webinar

Mario does even show all the steps you have to take to get your first webinar up and running using GoToWebinar.

Module 3: Start Your Campaign

The third module is now all about setting up and running your first Facebook video ad and this module contains the following lessons:

  • Breaking Down My Video Ad
  • Posting Your Video On Your Fanpage
  • Ads Manager Overview
  • Creating Your Ad (Part 1)
  • Creating Your Ad (Part 2 – Interests)
  • Creating Your Ad (Part 3 – Bidding)
  • Creating Your Ad (Part 3 – Ad Creative)
  • Targeting Secrets

Module 4: Retargeting Campaign

The fourth module is about retargeting or like Mario calls it remarketing. This was a big part of this case study and remarketing should be done with any ads since it allows you to talk to the audience who showed interest either in you or your product/service and this is a great way to get them take action. The lessons of this module are:

  • Retargeting (Part 1 – Create Ad)
  • Retargeting (Part 2 – Custom Audience & Bidding)
  • Retargeting (Part 3 – Ad Examples)

Module 5: The Results

The module 5 is all about the results. Mario breaks down all the different numbers and shows exactly what he did to get the results. The lessons are:

  • Results Revealed (Part 1)
  • Results Revealed (Part 2)
  • Results Revealed (Part 3)
  • Retargeting Results (Part 1)
  • Retargeting Results (Part 2)
  • Webinar Offer Results

Module 6: More Results

Module 6 will be available on November 27th.

  • More Results

Module 7: Case Study #2

Case study #2 wasn’t available at the time of writing this review. This page showed a 404 page not found error. I sent a support ticket and I’m sure, Mario and his team will fix that soon and then I’ll update this section of the FB Video Ads Formula Review.

  • Case Study #2

Module 8: Creating Screen Capture Videos

Within Module 8 you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating screen capture videos. Mario included noth only some training for one software. He took the time to give training on 3 different software, so there will be something for everyone. The lessons in this module are as following:

  • Screenflow – How to split clips & overview
  • Screenflow – How to adjust volume and brightness
  • Screenflow – Edit Canvas & Move Video
  • Screenflow – Zooming In And Out
  • Screenflow – How To Export
  • Introducing Camtasia
  • Camtasia – Editing Basics
  • Camtasia – Record Your Screen
  • Camtasia – Explore the Editor
  • Camtasia – Apply SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan
  • Camtasia – Cut Unwanted Media on the Timeline
  • Camtasia – Produce & Share Your Video
  • Jing – Free Alternative To Create Your Videos
  • Jing – How To Create A Jing Video

Module 9: Keeping Your Account Safe

Module 6 will be available on November 27th.

  • Keeping Your Account Safe

Module 10: Upgrade #1 Content

  • Copywriting Crash Course – Video 1
  • Copywriting Crash Course – Video 2 (Ad Examples)
  • Copywriting Crash Course – Video 3 (Promoted Posts Examples)
  • Images Crash Course – Part 1
  • Images Crash Course – Part 2
  • Images Crash Course – Part 3
  • Images Crash Course – Part 4
  • Guru Subject Line Rolodex
  • DFY Email Follow Up Campaign
  • Copywriting Power Phrases
  • 100 Ad Writing Methods
  • Headlines That Sell
  • Newsfeed Collection

Module 11: Upgrade #2 Content

  • Instagram Ads Revealed
  • Power Editor Crash Course (Ad Creation, ADVANCED Bidding, ADVANCED Ad Creation, Power Features)
  • Done For You – My Personal Ad Template Rolodex (Instagram, Newsfeed, Right Hand Side)

Module 12: Upgrade #3 – Mario’s Premium Product Bundle

Online Marketing Mastery
Webinar Mastery
Video Product Pro

Personal Note: I haven’t purchased the upgrades for this product, since I was only interested in the Video ads and since I’m focusing on my chosen project and that’s why these upgrades didn’t fit in to my project plan. I still listed them here, since I wanted to show you what they are all about.

Module 13: Your Bonuses

Mario included some bonus content for all. Some of then are future webinars and some of them are videos from events.

  • Live Call – How To Capture Mobile Leads Immediately
  • Live Call – How To Leverage AUTOMATED Webinars With Facebook Traffic
  • Frank Kern – Becoming THE Authority
  • Mike Filsaime – Funnels & The Perfect Offer
  • Andy Jenkins
  • Chris Farrel



Motion Maestros 3D characters


It is a known fact that videos, when done right, can dramatically increase interest in your products and services which results in higher conversion rates!BUT…to create these videos, normally requires graphics design and animation skills, expensive software and TONS of time.

Tired of searching far and wide for an affordable solution that allows you to create professional conversion-boosting videos without animation skills and time hassles? Now…the wait is OVER! Introducing the ULTIMATE 3D Animated Character Bundle which is guaranteed to help you create stunning, studio-quality, animated 3D-Look videos and multimedia presentations in minutes!

Our motion maestros characters can be easily imported into popular video software programs like:Explaindio, EasySketchPro, Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia, GoAnimate and many others.All without the need to hire expensive animators or graphics designers.

Using these characters, it is SO EASY for you to create awesome videos in just a couple of clicks, using video software you already own. No need for additional software or add-ons! With motion maestros 3d animations, you get 193 royalty-free, elegantly and professionally animated assets in GIF, SWF and MOV formats, to use in your multimedia projects. Say goodbye to boring presentations and lifeless videos for good!


With these stunning characters it is now easy to create:

 explainer videos,
 Sales and Marketing Videos
 Explainer Videos
 Promotional and Product review videos
 3D Animation Videos
 Video Intros and Welcome Videos
 Call to Action Videos



Email Tools


A powerful web based tool that allows your user to creates Timers for Email, Custom Image Personalization, Video For Email, and Survey For Email.Create Unlimited Timers. Unlimited Video For Email. Unlimited Custom Image Personalization and Unlimited Survey For Emails.

As a bonus,we are including training on how to use each of the apps.We have compiled over 8 years of Email Marketing Expertise with my freshest collection of Email Marketing Secrets to create a powerful crash course. Taking almost 12 months to create, this is our Email Elite Training Masterclass.

These are the techniques Expert Marketers  developed over the years that create irresistible relationships with both clients and customers alike. The Package will allow your users to utilize the Email Tools Suite for their clients – allowing them to use the tool for email campaigns they manage.

2.jpgImage result for Email Tools

With over 5 months of development, Email Tools is a 4-in-1 suite that gives you the power to craft the perfect Email by addressing the 4 most crucial aspects of Email Marketing: Engagement, Personalization, Urgency, and Feedback. Here are the four elements of Email Tools: Timers for Email Marketing, Custom Image Personalization, Video For Email, & Survey For Email.





What successful people always tell you is to work hard to become successful.What they don’t tell you – and what actually made THEM successful is – to make OTHERS work hard so that YOU become successful.

Most people I know in marketing, both online and offline, work really hard to drive traffic and then by the time these leads are to be converted into sales to make profits, they have already lost the steam.

Now you can maximize your profit potential by making others work for you and that too WITHOUT charging you a penny.InstaStore – a 60-second Amazon + AliExpress affiliate store builder – generates hands-off traffic.Thereby helping you generate a staggering number of leads…

From anywhere and everywhere on the net. With always an eye on the prize, people will work day and night all over the world to get YOU traffic.And the COOLEST part of this app – It engages people on your pages and keeps them hooked.Now stop spending sleepless nights trying to figure out a way to drive traffic for yourself or your clients.

Click + Setup + Profit

Combine the Power of Video + eCommerce to Insta-Create 6-Figure Stores: Amazon and AliExpress Affiliate Products and . Instant Payment.With just a few clicks get a new store up and running in no time. No need to go to a bank or to family to ask for money for starting a new business, because you simply don’t need any. No need to lease out super expensive space, hire unaffordable employees or pay huge electricity bills.

Create campaigns, add different categories under each campaign, and even clone campaigns to create a chain of stores. Not just that, add a logo and change the name of the store to whatever you like, to give it a personal touch and feel. You can also edit product info to target a specific group of customers


Advertising your store just became super easy. With the unique reward point system for users to spread the word around on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ etc., everybody out there would eagerly go around talking about your stores. And of course, more people means more profit potential.


Fiverr Blue Print


For you to kick start with this training course, you will be given an overview of what benefits you can gain from my training course. An insight into the course and what you can expect yourself to do after running the training course thoroughly.

This is an on-screen tutorial video guiding you how to create and configure your Fiverr account. Like any other website, you need to own an account before you can sell anything. Don’t worry, the signup fee is zero and I will guide you through it one thing at a time.

Before you set up and decide what kind of service you can offer, research is a MUST. I will teach you how to identify the hot selling gigs and you could provide services which are profitable according to your expertise.

Being featured by Fiverr makes your profile appear on the home page. Appearing at the home page has just made sure that everyone sees you without any doubt! Besides, appearing on home page also makes your customers think that you’re good, the best out of the best. So, the chance of getting more orders will be much higher too!



You get the video version of this training course, which in itself can be a potential middle or big ticket offer – if you choose to sell it and position it so!The video series is voiced over by a professional American voice over actor we hired to make this training course as amazing and clearly presented as possible.

With these videos you can resell as it is, embed into your membership site, upload on sites like YouTube and Vimeo or take one step further by rebranding these videos or edit them . . . make it custom and unique to you!



WP Cool Live Chat


Just imagine being able to talk directly with your visitors and know instantly what they want (or what they need.)This is especially effective if you are running a blog where you sell your services or products.

Potential clients can ask you questions, let you know their concerns, or get in touch with you giving suggestions to improve your blog.And remember; if you know exactly what your potential customers want, you need little else to be golden.

WP Cool Live Chat is a WP plugin that will allow you to add an enticing, attractive live chat to your websites and blogs. The cool thing about this slick plugin is that you can customize it the way YOU want making the chat visually enticing and COOL in front of your visitor’s eyes.


Benefits of WP Cool Live Chat:

  • You can quickly and easily add a visually enticing live chat in your blogs… in less than 2 minutes flat.
  • Easily customize the widget… you can change the style: background color, text color, fonts, and this is for any element (header, footer, main content, chat bubble).
  • Plus, you can easily modify according to YOUR needs the following: title, info, and message form.
  • Add cool effects such as animation while chatting. Admin dashboard that makes it easy to organize customer’s chats.Email messages while admin goes offline
  • Admin dashboard that makes it easy to organize customer’s chats.Notification for new chat and offline chat.



Committed Internet Marketing Mastermind Club


There’s a LOT of information available about internet-marketing and making money online (and lots more released every single day). While this can be a good thing in some ways, it can also be a massive challenge, especially for a newbie, as it is so easy to be overwhelmed into inaction by the information overload.

What’s even worse is that a lot of the information available is out-of-date (online the rules can change in a second and many of the strategies that worked well a few years ago will now do you more harm than good) and some of it just plain wrong.  Methods that would have got your affiliate account banned a year ago are still being sold today. Strategies that will now get your website de-indexed entirely (so you get no visitors), are still being sold today.

It is easy to fail at internet-marketing even after you’ve spent a fortune on methods that promise “success”, yet, with the right information, it’s not difficult to make a profit within the first 24 hours and build from there.

What if you could get a wide range of different internet-marketing methods and resources, plus the basic information on how to choose the RIGHT method for YOU personally to start making money and build from there?

What if you could get access to a private forum with like-minded people all helping each other to succeed, plus an experienced internet-marketer answering all your questions? What if you could get all that, plus several new products every month, all for a monthly fee which is less than the cost of a single product?


Get 11+ internet-marketing products for the price of ONE !Amazing value internet-marketing Mastermind Group.Pay the price of one online-business product, get 11+++A great new opportunity today . . .

  • get all the great benefits of a Mastermind Group,
  • and get 11 online-business products (each of which over-delivers value, and get new products as they are created),
  • AND get personal answers to any question from an experienced internet-marketer and ALL this for the price of just ONE internet-marketing product

Image result for Committed Internet Marketing Mastermind Club


Bing Ads Guide


In this guide ebook you’ll Discover how to get started with Bing Ads even if you’ve never used pay per click marketing before in your life, Why Bing Ads is a massive opportunity for making a lot of money right now, The big reason why you should be using Bing Ads over other pay per click networks like Google Adwords.

Also The way Bing works and how to get the most targeted traffic possible, The exact steps you need to follow to create a winning campaign that converts like crazy and makes you money, The 6 things you must master to get the lowest cost per click and the biggest profits possible with Bing Ads.

You will get tips to improve your ad positions and get more traffic, How and when to scale up your campaigns to lock down as much profit as possible plus, a whole lot more!This is the most complete guide to getting big results with Bing Ads that you’ve ever seen…