Videoowide EasyTool Video Templates are Brand New Video Templates created from Powerpoint, Easily Amaze Your Audience. The product is based on the results of our research and brainstorming related to needs of the market.

We found these tools are easy to make video with and anyone can do it. Use it for marketing, presentations, video displays, etc. Visuals can dramatically increase your engagements and BOOST your CONVERSIONS!

Now we help you, you do not need to learn about video editing and video animation, moreover, don’t spend a lot of money to buy videos or hire people to make a video.

This is an easy tool to make video using only Powerpoint (100% Powerpoint).

Videoowide features are video templates for Video Displays, Business Explainers, Promotional Products, Logo Openers, Intros and Outros are all made using Powerpoint. You can also grab your additional bonuses attached to them.


This video template helps in making video displays that look like a Professional’s. Even to those created in After Effects, Adobe Premier or other Video Editing Software. This video is included with many animations, and ready to use. It only took a 1-2-3 steps to make your video display.

3.jpg4.jpg video template helps in making an explainer video for your business or other jobs. This template has animations inside and using only powerpoint. You only took click-edit-finish steps to the make your video explainer.



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