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YouTube Software is a perfect solution for marketers who want to generate quality leads. It helps them in finding tons of quality niche content on YouTube and monetize for their business.The scraper on this tool fetches the URLs of all the popular niche videos on the platform as per the given keywords.

Marketers can automatically DM the publishers requesting them to give outbound links to their landing pages. They need not spend a single penny or a minute on creating quality content. Thus the marketers can save money and time thereby increasing the ROI.

The most important thing you can do for your business is effectively use YouTube. Because you can reach millions of targets and engage them in the most effective way. You can Know your prospects and generate quality leads for your business. This, in turn, gives you a bunch of loyal customers.

Up until now, there are many YouTube marketing tools that can automate some of your tasks. But NONE focused on a major problem.That’s the investment of more money and time. Everyone think invest more and gain more ROI. But is it the only choice you have?

No. A marketer should have his thinking cap on always to find new ways. And so we come up with a solution for this problem.No one is more legit than these guys.They’ve been showing solutions to the big problems of Marketers like you. A Shopify store from $X per month to over $Y per month.

And Collected over 111,000 leads with an Investment half of what they would spend usually to get those many leads.They show a solution to leverage YouTube that you never thought that you could make such wonders with it.

All this business takes in 5 easy steps:



Covert Gawkr


Covert Gawkr lets you run a “Food Gawker styled niche authority site straight from your WordPress blog.Use a brand new theme that allows you to fill your blogs with quality content in minutes and even lets you have real members building your sites for you on complete auto pilot.

The best part is that this is done without writing a single blog post – instead you leverage other people’s content to build your own content empire. The new Covert Gawkr Theme that powers all this, is available at a special launch discount, and it’s still
dirt cheap.

The Covert Gawkr theme makes building your own profit pulling authority sites point and click simple.You can fill your sites with great content in minutes, without ever having to write a single word yourself. And you can even have real members building your sites for you on complete auto pilot.


Here are just a few of the cool features:

1.Never write a single post. Fill your sites with quality content in minutes  all with a few clicks
 2.Have real members lining up to join your site and build it for you on auto pilot.
 3. Automatic traffic generation with Tumblr Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more – Including Facebook comments!
4. Automatically build your list and have all new members added to your auto responder of choice.
5. Full monetization, including in theme ads automatically inserted into all your pages

Full social media integration, including Facebook comments for auto pilot traffic. Covert Gawkr is super flexible and can easily be used for affiliate sites, authority sites, portal sites for your other blogs etc.And it looks like a million bucks – plus it’s very easy to customize just the way you want it.

Social Studio FX


With Social Studio FX  you can Instantly Create Professional High Converting Graphics in 60 Seconds Or Less.The one thing that most digital marketers struggle with when it comes to promoting products and services via social media is…Graphic Design!

As a digital marketer, being able to properly convey your message to your audience that is both eye catching and enticing, can mean the difference between success and failure in your business.With that problem in mind, I decided to create a product that would take the stress and hair pulling out of graphic design.

That is why today we are proud to introduce you to Social Studio FX.With a Proven track record and over 8+ years of experience, we are ready to help you create beautiful and elegant designs in just 3 simple steps. 66 Different Social Media Ready size combinations for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Web Banners, and even your own custom sizes.

Comes Preloaded with 200 Done-For-You Templates Plus 14,000 Unique Designs, 180+ Web fonts, 8,000+ Stock Images, 6,000+ icons.Unlock your Digital creativity by utilizing our simple yet powerful design platform that will have you creating beautiful social media ready graphics, in just 3 simple steps.


With over 8+ years of Experience building sales funnels for cold traffic and product launches, I have proven formula to maximize conversions for your traffic.Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience while maximizing your conversions and commissions.Plus we’re doing retargeting and tons of split testing throughout the launch:



Serp Digger


Serp Digger contains the fastest process mining Algo, and the most efficient search framework. Serp Digger was built by professionals with more than ten years of software.With just a few clicks you can instantly generate a hyper targeted Emails.

The Must have tool for any Internet Marketer and Advertiser.There are no upsells, no backend one-time-offers and no recurring payments. This a one-time payment for lifetime access.

No need to “learn” from various courses on How to Find profitable emails  or spend countless hours searching google trying to figure out things.Target your Email campaigns more precisely! Discover the Most Profitable Emails on your Niche.

Serp Digger was built by professionals with more than ten years of software Dev. experience. With Serp Digger , we have used our experience from countless IM software projects and designed a tool that fits perfectly into the workflow of both professionals and novices




LiveLeap Facebook Streamer


Facebook Live is Facebooks brand new LIVE STREAMING network allowing you to share stories, content, events and information LIVE to your audience in THEIR news feeds. Imagine being able to literally select multiple Facebook Fan pages, Groups and profiles instantly, connect your twitter, linked in email list and even SMS list .

The live stream is syndicated to EVERY social channel alone with having  email and SMS list informed and making them go VIRAL EVERY SINGLE TIME. The moment you go live, Live leap will post your live feed direct to your chosen fan pages, Facebook groups and profiles instantly to ensure you get the MOST viewers on LIVE.

Live Leap enables you to not only spread your live feed to unlimited fan pages and groups, we also give an option to upgrade to share to external social networks, email, and sms.The moment you go live you can have Live Leap email your entire email list letting them know you are live and the topic of conversation.

We have also integrated with twillio so you can even text message your subscribers to let them know.Live Leap is the first tool that shows you the most engaging parts of your live and what you can work on in future.Simply select your pages and social networks and close live leap, it’s as simple as that! Whenever you go live it will trigger Live Leap in the cloud and do all the work for you!



Credi Response


STOP spending money and time creating fresh content OR laser-targeting people through expensive FB ads.Reach out to EVERY single visitor and boost sales,build stronger brand and engagement with the most cutting edge technology that sends a FB Personal Message to every prospect with 100% Inboxing.

Compel your FB audience to become loyal customers , no matter what you’re trying to push on FB, and what your marketing strategy is, your FB marketing needs this tool. This is so easy that a 10-year old could do this. You’ll have the setup done within the first 20 minutes of your purchase.

Want to give your business a super booster shot on Facebook? How about being able to personally reach out to every single customer who ever shows any interest in your product or service? What this product does is very simple, and simply very effective!

CrediResponse has the powerful features that you need to send a personal message to anyone who comments on your FB post, reduce support requests,create customer loyalty, boosts fan page popularity and so much more! This powerpacked SAAS app will change the way you reach out to your customers and prospects on FB and makes you super powerful.

Whether you are a newbie FB advertiser who wants maximum returns or an ecom seller looking to boost sales, give your business a super booster shot by personally reaching out to every single customer who ever shows any interest in your product or service.


This is so easy that a 10-year old could do this. You’ll have the setup done within the first 20 minutes of your purchase. Guaranteed!



Engage Builder


Engage Player is a Video Engagement tool designed to increase engagement, conversions and Optins. This powerful software is loaded with features. All you need to do is select what template or video you want to use, add the features you want to engage your viewers with and hit ‘save.

Engage Player works great for blogs, web pages, membership sites and squeeze pages and offers a Basic, Premium and Enterprise Plan .See below and watch the demo video on this page to see it in action.

With Engage Builder you are able to:

  • Use video’s from YouTube or your own Amazon S3 hosted videos.
  • Create an unlimited number of engagement players
  • Display content on the page at user specified time of video. Basically, build a dynamic page based on a timestamp of the video.
  • Extremely robust drag and drop engagement builder. Easy enough for beginners with the added tools for the more advanced users.
  • Amazing amount of customization and styling options with easy to use color pickers and sliders. Style each element independently or create styles and apply them to all elements of the same type.
  • Add Intro and Outro videos to an existing video. Add content engagements to any intro and outro video.
  • Remember where the user left off in the video and gives the user the option to resume or start the video over.
  • Video pauses when viewer opens a new tab or scrolls the video offscreen.
  • Place images, text, buttons and optin forms over your videos using the bottom fourth.
  • Choose from over 12 different content animations which can be used for each “Engagement Point”.

You can now with Engage Builder PRO connect Amazon S3 with your account. All of your videos will now be hosted on one of the best servers on the web. For a low cost you can use Amazon S3. Your videos will never go down, they will run super fast and you’ll be able to upload everything through your single Engage Builder Account.

This software takes on the effectiveness of professional conversion techniques and call-to-actions, but for just a fraction of the price and lets you customize and generate a winning video, ready to engage and convert FOR YOU so you don’t lose your viewer traffic due to boring, repetitive or unengaging content.

Engage Builder

Not only can you create optin forms, CTA’s and text messages on the video itself (which we have all seen in the past) but also create dynamic page content OUTSIDE the video. That’s right. An On-Page engagement element. Here’s why it’s so good.


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