LetMeFunnel is complete with the ability to use any Lead Magnet offering to entice a potential customer to enter the business’ Online Sales Funnel. It has built in functionalities to create a landing Page, an Opt-in Form and Thank You pages using templates that are customizable according to the user’s goals, business names and things that are needed to be written.
Landing Pages are just like any ordinary Websites but whose primary purpose is to call for action for a potential customer to sign up for a business’ offerings. Thank you Pages are also websites just thanking the potential customer for signing up and tell the potential customer where to get their promised Lead magnet. The Opt-In form’s purpose is to collect contact information that gets passed to LetMeFunnel’s email collection and email autoresponder system.
 LetMeFunnel integrates all the components of your Online Sales Funnel and executes the necessary actions in the correct sequence.The user starts by choosing what Lead Magnet to offer potential Customers. This Lead magnet is uploaded to the LetMeFunnel System to be delivered later when a potential customer enters the funnel.
The user creates a Landing Page whose URL will be used when an online ad is defined. Creating the Landing Page is easy, there are templates to choose from and its contents are fully customizable. Same with the Thank you Page and the Opt-In forms. When a potential customer is directed by an ad to go to the Landing Page, more details about the Lead Magnet is given to entice the Visitor to put in one’s contact information such as an email address and submit it to the company collecting it.
 Once the potential customer clicks the submit button of the opt-in form, the information goes to an email collection system integrated with MailChimp or Getresponse. Once the information is received, an autoresponder email will be sent to the requesting potential customer with details where to download the promised Lead Magnet.
 The potential customer receives the promised Lead Magnet and the user collects the contact information from within MailChimp or Getresponse. You now have obtained a contact legally and can communicate with this potential customer until that person unsubscribes from your list.

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