Site security is a billion dollar industry and now you’ll have Agency Rights to the foremost solution for backing up and restoring WP sites. Don’t settle for using a backup plugin that will go down if your WP site goes down.

Wp Twin is cloud based, so all you need is an internet connection to clone and restore your sites. Everything you want on your WP site can be cloned from pages, comments, videos,
to wp core and more.

WP Twin is constantly updated to work w/ the latest WordPress versions and technology. It’s been deployed on over 2 million sites already so its not another ‘launch and gone’ software.

Instead of going through the manual process of creating niche sites from scratch. Imagine cloning successful sites for different longtail keywords in just a click? Set up a fully optimized ‘offline’ site like a site for local dentists and clone it over and over to sell to different businesses fast.

It doesn’t matter how big your membership site is or sales pages… clone it and redeploy w/ WP Twin saving hours of time.Comes with ‘Agency’ rights and DFY sites to clone and sell ASAP.




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