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Walt Bayliss is about to release a new piece of software that can literally uncover buyers for ANYTHING in just minutes. Not only that, but the program will show you exactly how to reach the people even down to which YouTube channels they subscribe to and Facebook groups they hang out in.

Data JEO is a revolutionary software that takes away the burden of data research and tracking from your shoulder. The application consists of 2 part: data research and data tracking. It will help you with two of the most important elements when building and implementing a marketing campaign.

Would You Get Better Results? This new software delivers that. Every time. In Seconds. What if you could reduce the cost of acquiring a customer but 60% immediately? What if you could put your ads on EXACTLY the YouTube channels and Twitter accounts that are PROVEN to be the best ones for your audience. Could you grow your business right now?

Imagine that whenever you wanted to enter a new niche or run a new campaign, you could push a button and be given something like this. Data JEO finds everything you need to develop a winning strategy.

Data JEO makes sure you understand your niche better than the NSA understands your phone records.Data JEO helps massively reduce risk in practically every business decision you make.DataJeo gives you the ability to uncover—and use—the insider secrets, sure-fire strategies, and dirty-tricks used by your competition to stay at the top of the industry.


Pick any Product and immediately KNOW Who the audience is and how to reach them (And you can do this over and over again!) and Build a sustainable, stable, scalable business based on FACTS, not guesswork.

DataJeo Shows You What People Are Looking For

Search by Keyword or Domain:
Start exploring products related to keywords, or break down a successful competitor’s website to see what they’re selling.

Deep Search:
Data JEO will bring you back as much data as you like with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’ll even email you when your results are in so there’s no need to wait about – or even have your browser open.

Refined Search:
Simply check or uncheck a few boxes to drill down into your data for specific results fast.

Top Keywords:
Reveal the best keywords and phrases capable of driving the most traffic to any site, product or funnel, in any niche.

Analyze Organic Competitor Keywords:
Find out which organic keywords send your competition the most traffic and make sure your marketing funnels more traffic your way.

Analyze Paid Competitors Keywords:
Secure a better ROI for your paid advertising by only choosing keywords that are already proven to perform.

Analyze Your Own Keywords:
Search yourself, discover the strengths and weaknesses in your current campaigns, get rid of underperforming keywords, then scale what works.



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