Zaney Traffic Clicks


Zaney Clicks is Proven – 9609 members and growing
Zaney Clicks Delivers Traffic
Zaney Clicks has free rotator
Zaney Clicks has a tracking system
Zaney Clicks has Hide & Seek Wednesday
Zaney Clicks has Cash Prizes
Zaney Clicks has Treasured Hunt for cash
Zaney Clicks has Text Ad Hunt for a FREE referral
Zaney Clicks has Prizebox
Zaney Clicks has Icon Collection
Zaney Clicks has Stickers and Badges
Zaney Clicks has Slot Machine Prize Bonus
Zaney Clicks has Personalized Splash Pages and Banners
Zaney Clicks has your Member Stats conveniently on your member page
Zaney Clicks Allows Social Branding
Zaney Clicks has Login Spotlight Pages
Zaney Clicks offer Start Pages
Zaney Clicks rewards you for promoting
Zaney Clicks has extra bonuses for upgraded members
Zaney Clicks has Pageview Slots
Zaney Clicks has Surfer Rewards
Zaney Clicks has Viral Traffic Game
It’s the cats meow purrrrfect


We keep our members coming back each day to view YOUR sites

Sunday Over the Back Fence
Money Monday
Take A Break Tuesday
Hide and Seek Wednesday
MagicalJewels Surfing Party
Triple Digit Thursday
Educational Saturday
Saturday Nite At The Movies
Zaney Marathon




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