How Marketing Technology Is Forever Recasting the CMO Role – AdWeek

“None of this is to say that branding and storytelling no longer matters, nor does it mean that every CMO needs to hold a degree in data science. Rather, CMOs need to be aware of how marketing technology opens the door to new requirements in marketing, such as understanding audience signals and event-level performance, and strike a balance across their organization.A traditionally-minded CMO must identify data scientists who can bring the kind of analytical thinking they lack to the table. If there’s no expertise in-house to execute a plan independently, CMOs will need to identify partners who can provide those services, especially when leveraging emerging technology, data sources or delivery channels. But in lieu of simply hiring a traditional media agency, CMOs can now use analysis of campaign goals, ROI and past performance to choose between an agency or working directly with a mar-tech vendor for services. Similarly, if the head marketer falls more on the quantitative side of things, they need to hire an agency to help with branding and other aspects of their role.”

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