Vsource Main – Outstanding New Ground-Breaking App Legally Turn Other Peoples Products, Traffic & Content into Passive or Trending Profit

Vsource is New Ground-Breaking Software Legally Steals Other Peoples Traffic, While Simultaneously Creating Commission Sucking Affiliate Sites from Other Peoples Content. It is Turn Other Peoples Products, Traffic and Content into Passive or Trending Profit In 6 Minutes, It is Ultimate Income Solution, SaaS, Plugin, Training.

Vsource completely automates a complete business model in minutes. With the plugin and theme you can build your very own sites from other people’s highly targeted content in less than 10 minutes. Build an EVERGREEN Business In Minutes, No Tedious Site Building, No Content Production, No Waiting For Traffic.

Welcome to the Easiest Income opportunity to hit the affiliate marketing landscape. Vsource is about to change the way you make money online In minutes. Our brand new software produces super-fast ranking and income ethically derived from other people’s products and hard work.

That’s right, you don’t need a product or a list, you won’t even need content. This has to be one of the easiest tools to hit the market in a long time. Drop in a keyword and auto-build a site with content and traffic in minutes. Target any Niche you like in minutes, capitalize on Product launches without a list, multiply your income in minutes with other peoples content and more..

Vsource is as simple as this :

  •    Drop a Product Name Into the Software […]
  •    Choose a Traffic Source to Hijack (Free & Legal)
  •    Drop VSource Plugin & Theme into WP (Included)
  •    Paste in the Product Name – Auto Build Entire Affiliate Hub
  •    Add Your Affiliate Link, CTA, Opt-in
  •    PROFIT…

Vsource: how does it work?

  • The Product – Start with the product. Grab the product name and that’s it. No keyword research to worry about. Any Product – Any Niche.
  •  Then, Swipe the Traffic, It already exists, its Targeted and it’s Free
  • – Drop the Product name into the software […]
  • – Grab the Expired domains […]
  • Build Your Site – Well actually, all you do is drop the product name into the Vsource App and you’re done.
  • Vsource App pulls relevant videos, corresponding descriptions and titles, Image thumbnails and video comments and automatically builds the entire site for you by turning videos into WP posts… Plus you can edit what you want.
  • Last Step – Add your links. Set up category wide links with a few clicks, they attach directly to the post and overlay the video at a time determined by you, even though it’s not your video. When the viewer clicks your affiliate link, your link is cookied – when they buy, You get the commission!




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