3 Ways to Help Learners Find Their Own Answers Before Asking You

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Teachers strive to help learners find their own answers by doing one thing—giving them the skills to do so. Although this seems like a tall order, in reality it’s simpler than you think. Part of it resides in ensuring students know they have options for this.

Exploring these options is the essence of philosophy of 3B4ME. If you haven’t heard of it, we discovered it on Adam Schoenbart’s blog. It’s an ingenious way to help learners find their own answers using simple paths to discovery. Using this strategy, learners can seek answers on their own—and usually find them—before needing to resort to asking a teacher.

We encourage our learners to think critically and act independently to solve problems every day. The Essential Fluencies help with this, but so do simple tools like 3B4ME. The graphic below from Pinterest offers a great visual sample of how it works. From Adam’s blog article:

“Sometimes, a student has a question that is ready for the teacher and truly needs the expert response. More often, though, students need a push to revisit notes, rethink the issue, and consider the problem from a new angle.”

3B4ME works to help learners find their own answers before asking a teacher with suggestions like:

  • Ask three friends
  • Explore there different resources
  • Take 3 different tutorials
  • Formulate three exploratory questions
  • Visit three websites

These are some possible avenues that can be taken that can help learners find their own answers. Additionally, the possibilities expand when you use these suggestions and others in different combinations.

Enjoy the graphic, and keep on encouraging learners to explore and discover answers and solutions.

by | May 4, 2018

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