7 Day FB Commission Formula

7 Day FB Commission Formula is a system that shows you how to leverage the power of Facebook Ads for your affiliate marketing campaigns. Its an affiliate marketing blueprint based on a proven Facebook Ads campaign system.

You will execute this commission formula over a 7 day stretch to bank huge affiliate commissions through Facebook.We are talking about reaching highly targeted audiences of people that have been looking for your specific offers without the stressful “sink or swim” approach that is characteristic of relying on competitive Google and YouTube rankings.

The 7 Day FB Commission Formula is a rinse and repeat method that can be deployed for each and every one of your affiliate marketing campaigns and I personally guarantee that you will never want to turn back after getting this system into full swing.

If you’re familiar with the types of profits that come out of FB Ads campaigns, you will know that a high quality FB Ads formula is priceless. You do NOT need a list to get started.

Mario Brown has included several videos that clearly demonstrate how to implement this formula in step-by-step format. Anyone can get started as soon as you dive into the course regardless of prior experience.


With our 7 DAY Commission Formula you will be able to:

  • Easily Find Affiliate Products that Are Guaranteed To Sell Like Crazy (you’ve never seen this before);
  • Get thousandstens of thousands of Laser-Targeted, Cheap Traffic To Your Offers, In Record Time;
  • Convert Up To 50%+ Of Our Visitors Into Buyers, With No Tricks, Tools or Extra Work From Your Side;
  • Stop shelling out cash on graphics designers, copywriters, useless developers …  STOP outsourcing  entirely, and make more money than ever before;



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