Action Mails


A.M allows you to send emails from your application using mailer classes and views. Mailers work very similarly to controllers.Introducing the BRAND NEW Action Mails!  A fast response INSTANT Viral Mailer that will bring your ad campaigns AMAZING RESULTS!Get 1000 free mailing credits, banner credits, and text ads as well as referring others and earn BIG COMMISSIONS!You can generate mailers just like you use other generators with Rails. Mailers are conceptually similar to controllers, and so we get a mailer, a directory for views, and a test.If you didn’t want to use a generator, you could create your own file inside of app/mailers.Mailers are very similar to Rails controllers. They also have methods called “actions” and use views to structure the content. Where a controller generates content like HTML to send back to the client, a Mailer creates a message to be delivered via email.



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