With Adfinder you will find ALL your competitors ads on Facebook… Even the dark posts. Nothing can hide from Adfinder. Adfinder is a really sweet product with broad market appeal if marketed appropriately.

It will find anything being sold and marketed on Facebook, quick and fast.Adfinder is desktop software that automatically performs incredibly detailed keyword searches to find every ad on Facebook. It finds the ads running right now. It finds the ads that ran last year. And everything in between.

Marketers have taken steps to stop you from spying on them. They cloak their links, they hide their campaigns from Google and other discovery sites.But there’s one place they can’t hide: Facebook

Adfinder will find every shirt, every piece of jewelry, every webinar and every info product for sale on Facebook.If you’re really devious, it will even find your friends campaigns so you can see what they’re up to.

If you could just be a fly on the wall when the top marketer’s are selling t-shirts, jewelry, webinars and anything else, then you could simply duplicate it and find success.

If you could only see their Facebook ads you could…See exactly what they’re selling and get ideas for your own products,See their ad creative’s and know how they get high click thru rates,See what their headlines and copy say to their audience to make them click and you could follow their ads right to their landing pages and down into their entire funnel.



You will find the following benefits in Premier Facebook Competitive Research Tool:

  • Quickly perform super detailed keyword and domain searches on any term
  • Search for your friends posts, likes and shares (spy on your friends)
  • Narrow searches by date and type
  • Opens results in your default browser (Not a Chrome extension)
  • Open multiple searches in new tabs
  • Always stays on top, no disappearing each time your browser opens
  • Stand-Alone Windows or Mac application
  • Licensed product to prevent sharing and group buys
  • $37 for 2 licenses



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