Adsviser PRO


With Adviser Pro you can create a database with 250K top performing ads based on  universally proven formulas… … so you can just dive in, modify and use ads to create winning ads straight out the gate, faster than ever before.

With over 250K ADS stored in the database you’re getting access to all kinds of profitable campaigns. From $10,000 per month “firecrackers…” to million dollar per year VOLCANOS.

You’ll even get a rare peek inside multi-million dollar advertisers, including Ford, Groupon, Amazon, Buzzfeed, New York Times, Virgin America, Uber, Udemy and many more. These companies spend millions to figure out what works on Facebook… and now you can swoop in and steal their secret.

From Images, Countries and Presales. Save up to 50% of your budget through campaign optimization. Get accurate and clear data on what’s driving likes, shares and comments. Discover new ways to engage with your audience, increase participation and refine ad campaigns based on demographics, including Gender, Country and Age.


Adviser gives your customers a very broad view of the market and niches, so that they wouldn’t miss the best hot niches and can easily replicate other profitable ad campaigns for their TeeSpring campaigns, Shopify campaigns or for any niche traffic.


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