You can send your ad to one other member for a cost of one credit. So, if you want to target 500 other members with your ad, you can do so for 500 credits. We currently have thousands of members waiting to find out about your offer.Totally credit based posting. Send your ad to one other member for the cost of one credit.Turn your account off at any time to prevent your inbox from filling up. Easy to return from vacation – just click two links and you are back up and running! Every day, our system will add CLICK LINKS to the bottom of randomly selected ads. If you click on one of these CLICK LINKS, you will instantly earn from 20 to 5000 credits! Find the CLICK LINKS every day, and use Ad Tactics for free forever.Our members receive credits for reading other member’s ads. But in order to receive any credits they need to visit your website and stay there for 20 seconds. Our special script will check this automatically, so you will get guaranteed visitors.


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