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Alphatox is a Health and Fitness Lifestyle Company aiming to help in the efforts of promoting a healthier generation through natural means. We stand by our saying that quality is always more paramount than quantity. Our teas are composed of 100% natural, organically grown, and premium ingredients. We aim to show the world that there is a healthier & more progressive alternative to artificial health products. Our Premium Detox Tea Blend has ingredients mainly aimed at boosting liver and kidney activity to accelerate elimination of possible toxic metabolites in your body, while also boosting your metabolism and energy levels naturally. (Mainly Recommended For Morning Usage however May Be Consumed at Night) (Consume Up To 2 Times a Day) (Additional consumption will not yield as much additional results and may not be required.) Our Premium Slimming Tea Blend has a unique blend that is engineered to increase lipid (fat) degradation, while stopping lipid per-oxidation (a fast, but very harmful way that your liver may degrade fat). It also reduces appetite, and aids in digestion which all culminates to weight loss. There is no experience any laxative effects from our blends however a pleasurable relief of any bloating you may have.(Perfect before you go to bed, very low in natural caffeine content which won’t keep you up or jittery. We recommend taking this blend in the evening however it’s also a perfect after workout blend!)

What Are the Benefits of Alphatox Premium Teas?

  • Antioxidant Effects – Our teas are rich in antioxidants which rejuvenate the body by increasing the flow of oxygen throughout the body & restoring your bodies cells. They also help your ability to focus while aiding with physical endurance.
  •  Rejuvenate, Hydrate, & Clear Skin Reveal the glowing side of your skins natural beauty.
  • Suppress Appetite – Naturally suppress your appetite.
  • Increase Metabolism Burn bad fats faster and protect good fats.
  • Reduce Bloating – Reduce pressure on your stomach from gasses that culminate. Naturally relieving any feeling of bloating while providing you with a much more toned and slim appearance.
  • Naturally Increase Energy and Focus Levels – Through natural complex carbohydrates found in the ingredients of our teas you will not feel a sugar crash after your cycle while improving your day to day focus and energy levels!
  • (No Jittery Effects)
  • Improve REM Sleep – Our blends aid in improving your sleep cycle so that your body is less fatigued during the day. You will wake up feeling refreshed & renewed and these effects usually set in immediately as soon as you start your Alphatox cycle.

ALPHATOX™ 14 Day Detox & Slimming Cycle Bundle

Premium Slimming Tea Bundle


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