Amazon has released a significant update to the Amazon Photos app that will tempt some Google Photos users to switch.

Currently available only for iOS users, the new app represents a “comprehensive redesign”, as revealed in a recent Amazon Photos Blog post. The new app includes more personalized content and automatically-curated slideshows reminiscent of Google Photos. It also makes it easier to find content, allowing the user to quickly filter results by categories such as people, places and dates.

Also new is an updated home screen designed to put your entire gallery “within thumb’s reach.” Search filters are now presented conveniently at the bottom of the screen, making it much easier to find the content you’re looking for. 

I’m sure some users will take a while to get used to the changes, which are quite significant, but overall I find the whole experience much improved.

Powerful search and automatically surfacing memorable moments are two of the most important features of Google’s rival Google Photos service, and now that Google has stopped offering lifetime free storage, it’s the perfect time for Amazon Photos to swoop in with a credible alternative.

While not free, Amazon Prime customers currently get unlimited storage for photos bundled with their subscription, allowing them to fill Amazon Photos with as many images as they like at no extra cost. If Amazon can offer an experience comparable to Google Photos, there’s a good chance many will be tempted to switch over to Amazon Photos instead.

Sadly, Android users won’t be getting this update until 2022, but the new features are already available to all via the Web.

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