Amplifire SalesPage Template


Our Premium Templates will save you time, increase your conversions and help you to make more more money with Amplifire. We’ve taken inspiration from the most popular and profitable websites around to bring you templates that are proven to convert. Whatever your niche – we’ve got you covered. Monetize your campaigns in seconds with all your favorite selling platforms : Our 1-click Pro selling integration make it easier than ever before to sell your products – whether it’s with PayPal, Amazon, Shopify or TeeSpring . Forget about messing around with complicated design software.  With these super-useful design tools, everything you need is right inside Amplifire. This is a great way to get “micro-commitments” from your prospects and therefore increase the chance of them taking action.  You can even send your leads to different offers or optin forms based on their answers. Your campaigns are guaranteed to convert like never before. Geo-targeting enables you to call out your visitor’s location in your copy.making your offer seem more relevant to them.Perfect for CPA marketers, offline businesses, and any location-specific messages. Add your Visitors’ City Name, Country Flag, Country Name, Even their Zipcode. While all your competitors are shooting in the dark – you’ll KNOW exactly which designs convert best for you. And setting up these split tests is simply a case of cloning your pages with a single click, making your changes and then sitting back to wait for the results.



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