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A easy proven anxiety treatment from a psychologist with over 33 years experience and a focus in hypnosis. This hypnosis download will help you finally, relax and let go of the fear of the fear!

In my program – a 30 minute MP3 Hypnosis recording – I help you stop (prevent) the panic attacks at their source by ‘telling’ the subconscious mind to, in essence, “stop them”.

Because the subconscious mind controls almost every facet of our being, it makes sense does it not, to access that powerful resource and ‘tell’ it to fix the problem and not just to “manage the symptoms” when they appear.

It’s all about the connection between the BODY and MIND, and in particular between the body and the subconscious mind.

Change your life today. You are NOT an anxious person. You are just a complex person like any other – a person prone to cycles of anxiety that can be STOPPED from ever beginning. And the best part? You can start the process TODAY.

By listening to this amazing MP3 recording, you’ll be communicating with your subconscious mind, changing the underlying negative neurology and core beliefs that keep replaying the anxiety producing thoughts, and take yourself into an anxiety free sanctuary. 

Most treatments for anxiety and panic attacks are usually CBT-based (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based). This particular approach to a wide range of psychological problems, requires a person to monitor their thoughts and then change their thoughts in response to a particular behavioural pattern that they want to change.

This typically takes a long time and it is very much a conscious level process which makes it somewhat laborious and in my opinion, largely ineffective.

This is always a tricky question to answer, akin to “How long is a ball of string”. If you fully engage with the process and by that I mean, you allow the senses to respond to the images I paint in the recording (we are essentially creating “theatre of the mind’ experience in this treatment), you will provide the most efficacious psychological environment to facilitate your successful treatment.

Image result for anxiety treatmentIf you suspend disbelief (like one does when one is watching a movie – one gets sucked into the story and is “there” in the action) you allow the subconscious to engage which is where the ‘work’ is done. Persistence is the key here. You need to develop a new neural superhighway that represents your new Anxiety Beaten state.

That usually occurs when the myelination process of the new neural connections has been done. You are basically rewiring your brain. Depending how much effort you put in initially will determine how long it takes until you see the results.

Hypnosis is a wonderfully powerful life skill. Modern living is stressful and anxiety producing. Self-hypnosis, at the most basic level, is a remarkably effective tool for de-stressing, calming, and restoring you to health or to achieve a goal. It affords control and connectedness to your mind and body to help you create your desired outcomes.

When you become skilled in self-hypnosis, you’ll find that it can help you maintain motivation and peak performance, and optimum health. It can help with decision making, and it can help change any negative subconscious core beliefs that may have been “running you” for years and to then change them. You can quite literally change your life!

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