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Nothing will boost your search engine rankings faster than quality original content plastered all over your website. All of the major Search Engines are using a new technology called Duplicate Content Detection or DCD for short. DCD scans your entire website, then goes out and compares it against all the other Web Pages found on the Internet. As a member of, you’ll rest easy at night knowing that you don’t have to worry about other websites having the same content as you. You get a fresh supply of 25 articles from a new niche every month . This content is only available to our members. Simply pick which articles you want to use as content and you’re finished. Your content will keep your website fresh for your website visitors and the search engines will be delighted. Instead of worrying about being penalized for duplicate content, your site can reach and keep high search engine rankings. You can quickly add 100% original bonus items to your products. Just choose what content you need from the 25 articles you have access to each month, repackage them into an ebook with your website information on it. Voila! You just created original Bonus Items that make your paid product even more powerful. A customer will be much more likely to buy and trust a website that offers unique, original bonuses and products. It shows that the business really wants their customers to get value from their products.


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