AscendPages Club Swipe & Snap Landing Page Creator

We sold thousands of AscendPages accounts already, expect to sell tens of thousands more over time, and just now we created a way for YOU to cash on our success.

But first let me ask you 2 quick questions. Would you like to be able to sell to all those thousands AscendPage users? Would you like to be able to use websites you create in AscendPages as lead magnet, bonus, and info product?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you are in for great treat today. Our development team just added completely new feature “website copy link” which allows everybody who click on it to copy your website into their AscendPages account.

How cool is that! You can create those links if you have Commercial version. While creating link you can add title, description, set limits like max number of copies and/or add expiration date. You can also make the link permanent without limits.

After that, all you need to do is add that delivery link on your thank you page and you are done. Imagine you can quickly create landing pages, sales pages, funnels (which is website with a few pages), and then instantly have them as info product sell or give away.

If your prospect already has AscendPages, they just need to login and have on account. Recipient can have any AscendPage version. If your prospect does not already have AscendPages, they can buy it and you get commission from that sale if you have affiliate cookie set (I will show you on video how to make your delivery page add AscendPages cookie for all people who land on that page).

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