At Interior, We’re Ready to Bring the Endangered Species Act up to date | Coastal Restoration

We have proposed changes to achieve the greatest good in the longest term.

PIRatE Lab’s insight:
The biggest problem with the ESA is the intentional defunding of assessments and biological recovery plans…part of the motivation to give wider protection to “only” threatened species.  To get to “threatened” is a major red alter.  The author here hopes to convince you that this is some very preliminary stage of concern for species.  The reality is that we need to act much more swiftly and decisively if we are to conserve a decent portion of our remaining biological heritage.  These comments and arguments ring as hollow when coming from the administrators who seek increasing take of everything from wolves to sage grouse.  The policies emanating from the Interior Department these days are all too often devoid of scientific basis and rely on anecdotal or cherry-picked data rather than objective interrogation.

Source: At Interior, we’re ready to bring the Endangered Species Act up to date | Coastal Restoration

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