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Authority Engage is a brand new WordPress Plugin that is developed by marketer Precious Ngwu.  The plugin is designed to help users instantly boost their sites authority through interlinking, creating YouTube Playlists, and a few other strategies…

At it’s core, this plugin is an On-Page Optimizer, meaning that its main focus isn’t on generating 1,000s of backlinks.  The plugin performs various interlinking strategies that draw attention to Google Spiders and help to increase your site’s authority and rankings.

This plugin also uses ‘Smart-Performance Interlinking Technology’, meaning that it dynamically interlinks your pages so you can have optimal SEO interlinking structure.Also, it will create YouTube Playlists (not just video embeds) on your site.

 Playlists have been shown to have a dramatic rankings impact and this plugin allows you to create these SEO optimized Playlists automatically with just a few clicks.Overall, the Authority Engage plugin is a great tool to help enhance your SEO efforts and get tons of free organic traffic from Google…


Authority Engage is a very smart SEO plugin that uses DRAG n’ DROP technology to infuse your content with a lot of ranking authority and ranking juice.With authority engage you simply enter your keyword and it discovers the highest quality authority links you can use to develop a effective authority ring in your websites

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