Azon FlyBox 2.0

Easily increase your Amazon earnings by helping your visitors find relevant products.100% automated with relevant products, All 9 Amazon countries are supported,12 slick transitions + 3 product animations, Customizable colors to match any theme, Mobile responsive for all kinds of devices. Relevant products are picked automatically so you don’t have to manually go through every post. You can easily have Azon FlyBox on thousands of posts/pages with just a few clicks. All 9 Amazon countries are supported and auto-recognized by visitor’s IP so you can earn affiliate commission from international visitors. Version 2.0 now has 12 different animations for ad transition and 3 additional animation effects for product images. With these animations it’s impossible to miss Azon FlyBox products and visitors can’t resist to click your affiliate links. Watch your click through rates skyrocket with the help of Azon FlyBox 2.0. Customize the colors of Azon FlyBox to match your theme. Use the color wheel to change color of links, price, description and background. Set them to any color you wish. Another great feature in version 2.0 is mobile responsiveness. Your visitors will see Azon FlyBox ads even on their smart phones and tablets. With mobile traffic increasing every day it’s a great way to monetize this type of traffic.


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