Bitcoin Miners Brace for the Halving


  • Bitcoin miners bracing for the halving any moment in the next hour
  • New supply set to be reduced by half, from 12.5 Bitcoins every 10 minutes to 6.25 Bitcoin per 10 minutes.

The Bitcoin mining community is preparing for the next big change in the cryptocurrency world i.e. the approaching 12 May halving. Within a few hours, the halving process will start and this will result in a reduction of the block reward which is basically a share of new Bitcoins being created. If the hash rate remains the same, the miners will get half the reward and thus, it will be difficult to keep up with the process.

However, the restricted supply is expected to provide long-term benefits for the network and may eventually become more useful for miners too, but for now, there is cautious optimism even among miners even at the eleventh hour. Smaller miners running older hardware may, however, will be in for a tough ride ahead according to Alejandro De la Torre.

Overall, the hash rate may decrease in the immediate aftermath of the halving but is expected to bounce back even stronger in the coming months.

HomiEx Trading Exchange Launches Unique Online Shopping Festival with Over $200,000 in Prizes

HomiEx announced a two-week shopping festival which offers a wide range of promotional activities to reboot the crypto market with a vast stimulus package.

7th May 2020, Singapore – The Unique shopping festival, launched by trading exchange HomiEx on the 30th of April will run for two weeks, right up to the day of Bitcoin halving, and will feature at least 9 different online activities. The festival aims to promote spot trading, derivative products, fiat trading, and qualified blockchain projects. HomiEx wants people to have something fun to take part in during this holiday period, and expects the event to be a hit in the crypto currency market.

To boost users confidence, the company has rolled out a series of features to promote consumption in areas such as a new HomiEx registration reward, referral program, OTC trading reward, Hold&Earn, limited-time transaction fee discount, Beta Tester reward, VIP reward, Bitcoin Halving countdown prize and a free listing.


To spur participation in the shopping festival, HomiEx Provide a $200,000 USD total cash reward pool, and 1 BTC Reward divided equally between those who take part in the Bitcoin Halving countdown activity. An additional air drop bonus of over $10 USDT will be given to every user who qualifies.

HomiEx Shopping Festival Events

The HmiEx Shopping Festival will take place between April 30th and May 13th(UTC+8), with 9 different activities for everyone to take part in. The festival activities include:

  • A Free Airdrop for new registrations
  •  A HomiEx Referral Program
  • A OTC Trading Reward,
  •  Hold & Earn, (Hold cryptocurrencies worth over 200 USDT and get free reward)
  •  A 50% off Transaction Fee: HomiEx ETF Beta Tester Reward, (1000 HMU, value over 1000 USDT) will be given to beta tester.
  • Join HomiEx’s community to enjoy a share of a 200,000 USDT Reward!
  • VIP Community Reward
  • Bitcoin Halving Countdown Prize
  • Free Listing to Qualified Projects!

Find out more about the festival

Download the HomiEx trading app

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By Talha Dar



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