Let’s not beat around the bush. Blogging successfully takes some hard work. You have to write quality content every week and generate some new ideas for blog posts. You also need to be involved in an email and social media campaign.


There are times in the lives of most bloggers when they have to ask themselves “are my efforts paying off?” They don’t know if they should keep it up, write more anyway, or step up their promotional efforts.


They even entertain the thought of just quitting. Not having to worry about what your next blog post will be can be appealing. They’d have more time to spend with friends, read a book, or go sight-seeing


The reason quitting should never be an option is because the benefits to blogging can be awesome. It can change your life. Blogging generates web traffic, builds your authority, and brings you leads. You blog is the nerve center of your business and social media activities.


Case studies reveal that many companies and entrepreneurs fuel their businesses by blogging. For me, blogging generates nearly all of the leads for my business.


So what exactly can you do to turn your blogging efforts into a raving success, engage your visitors, and create more business without working yourself into a stupor?