Blue Diamond Safelist

Blue Diamond Safelist has just about everything an Internet Marketer could need in a Viral Safelist Mailer and INSTANT Commissions Site. What makes us the “Diamond” of Viral Safelist Mailers?Dave Mosher has just launched his newest INSTANT Commission Site, Blue Diamond Safelist. If you’re not making money on the internet, Dave’s made it so extremely simple with his OTO#3 with a Life-Time Blue Diamond Upgrade for ONLY 10 BUCKS. Yes, there are 2 larger memberships that give you more frequent mailings and credits, but for 10 BUCKS, you’ll earn 100% INSTANT Commissions from every purchase your referrals make. Even if they purchase a higher upgrade than you! There’s no waiting or minimum cash outs because everything gets paid INSTANTLY, DIRECTLY to your PP account! How many marketers do you think you can sign-up for 10 bucks each, paying you 100% INSTANT Commissions directly to your account? Blue Diamond Safelist’s “Flagship Blue Diamond” Upgrade will remain that way forever! That means for just 10 bucks, you get paid 100% INSTANT Commissions on everything your referrals purchase: OTOs, Login Offers, Solo Ads, HP Solos, Banners, Buttons, Text Ads, Sponsored Login Ads, THE WORKS! EVEN if your referrals purchase a HIGHER Upgrade, 100% gets paid INSTANTLY to YOUR account. Members receive Rewards for every 10 ADS CLICKED!




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