Bonus Press


This is a plugin that is useful if you are an affiliate, and competing against a number of other affiliates promoting the same product at the same time.  It allows you to add bonuses that customers get when they purchase through YOUR affiliate link, and not your competitor’s. By that, Mark decided to create BonusPress, an awesome tool to skyrocket your earnings by offering bonuses right in the landing page. It also has a big counter to force people into action.The first feature of this plug-in is its high converting page templates. You could find other valuable features such as countdown timer, social sharing that could integrate comments on several social media websites, the ability to make blog becomes more applicable to the offer by uploading the unique header to your bonus page, e-mail integration, simple user interface, WP themes integration, share bar and the ability to auto generate your bonus page with affiliate links. It comes with several instructional videos broken up into short step-by-step clips.  So you can watch a short video, then set up a few things in your plugin, and then watch the next video.



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