Book Selling 101 Course – Discover The Best Techniques On How to Make Thousands Selling Books On Amazon


Learn all of the fundamentals of Book selling on Amazon FBA from start to finish. Equipment needed, how to list effectively and efficiently, configuring your listing software, scanning software settings, grading your books and much more.

Pricing your books to sell is critical and is the #1 reason we see people having issues with sell through rate. This section elaborates on initial pricing as well as my in-depth re-pricing settings to keep sales coming in even on long tail books.

We have designed this course to teach you everything you need to know about selling used books on Amazon FBA in over 42 live video lessons. 3 bonus videos are also included.

Entering this new business venture we thought the best plan would be to find someone that could show you the ropes and the best way of doing things. That is exactly what we found with Book Selling 101, it breaks the entire process down so that even a complete rookie could get going and start making money almost immediately.

There are videos on what equipment you need, what softwares are most efficient, sourcing, pricing, listing, packing, shipping etc etc. There is no need to look anywhere else or watch any other videos, any question you could have is answered.

We think what sets the course apart from others is the in depth guides on Grading/Listing/Pricing. That is the most difficult part of Book Selling and what has the biggest impact on actually selling books and making money!

book selling 101 review

You will learn techniques and strategies such as:

– How to determine which books are profitable and how to SKIP the ones that aren’t, just by looking at them

– Where to FIND the most profitable used books

– How to avoid the competition and look where others never even think to begin looking

– The perfect pricing strategy that increased my sales by over 100%

– The absolute best combination of software and hardware needed to make a seamless business model and a whole lot more …

This is how Matt doing an 881 book shipment after this amazing training

Without Book Selling 101 there is absolutely no way you will able to accomplish . All inclusive approach really simplified things and made it possible to start making money immediately. If you are wanting to start selling books on Amazon then sign up, start learning and a month from now you could be making money.


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