BoxCar Business Chat


Start using BoxCar and watch the immediate impact it has on all aspects of your business.Turn Web Visitors into Happy Customers, One Chat at a Time. Control which websites each agent can access and conduct chat sessions with. Seamlessly chat with or transfer conversations to other agents. Select from a range of professional chat designs of which are fully customizable, to include your branding, colors and more. Control how, where and when your chat box will display on your site. Manage multiple chats, across all of your sites at one time. Keep a chat history to reference previous conversations with each visitor. The web is global, which means many of your visitors may speak different languages. Utilize our Google Translate integration, which will translate your visitor’s message, as well as the message you respond with. Create canned responses of which your agents can utilize to help streamline your chat sessions and respond more effectively to common questions. With the push of a button, you can change the chat status that your visitors will see, based on your Agents availability or hours of operation.




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