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Brought to you from the State-Of-The-Art-Mailer and vTrafficRush guys, BucketsOfBanners is a banner exchange with a twist. Even non-site owners can earn impressions and get ads seen across the network.BoB is a banner exchange where you can get your ads seen across our network of member sites, even if you do not own your a site! A typical banner exchange is a site where you place code on sites you own or can edit. Every time a visitor to your sites views an ad from the banner exchange code on your sites, you earn impressions to get your ads seen on other other members’ sites in the network who are also participating in the banner exchange.BoB is not a typical banner exchange! Yes, site owners can place code on their sites and earn impressions to get their ads seen on other sites in the network, but there are several more ways to earn impressions, for site owners and non-sites owners alike.You are enable to Promote Your Interactive Splash Page: BoB Members – 1 to 1 ratio. Club BoB Members – 3 to 1 ratio,Surf The Banner Area: BoB Members – 0.5 to 1 ratio. Club BoB – 4 to 1 ratio,Banner Code Plugged In Your Website: BoB Members – 0.5 to 1 ratio. Club BoB – 1 to 1 ratio,4.0 Impression Per Banner Page Surfed, 3.0 Impression Per Display Of Interactive Splash Page,1.0 Impression Per Display Of Banner Code, Interactive Splash Page “Click” Bonus, Exclusive Interactive Splash Page Placement,Exclusive Viral Signup Multi-Rewards, Exclusive Club BoB Clique Lounge, 2X More Views On The Interactive Splash Page, Add Up To 30 Banners.


Referrals Earn, 50% Cash Commissions On Referral Purchases.

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