Build My Downlines

The program works by allowing its members to advertise on the website itself, plus send promotional emails to other members. Members can also recruit others to the program and earn commissions if their recruits upgrade to paid levels.You can earn credits toward your own advertising by reading other member ads. You can also purchase credits for advertising, and you can refer other members and earn credits that way. The people that you refer to the program will be in your personal downline, and they’ll be directly exposed to any other programs that you’re promoting. If anybody in your downline upgrades to one of the paid levels, you also earn a commission. Your downline can go to five levels deep.There are four levels of membership in Build My Downlines: free, Silver, Gold and Lifetime. Free members earn 20% commission for any referrals who upgrade to paid levels, and they get other limited benefits. Silver membership costs $19.97 per month, and they get 50% commission for paid referrals. Gold membership costs $39.97 per month, and they get 60% commission for paid referrals. Lifetime membership costs a one-time fee of $247, and they get all the benefits that Gold members do. The higher your membership level, the more you can send promotional emails to other members, and the more programs you can promote on the site.


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