Call Direct Mobile Lead Capture

Call Direct is a cloud-based software that solves the biggest problems with online marketing. The response rate using this software is sky high, and using it lets you tap into the biggest trend in modern marketing: mobile phones!

With Call Direct, your promotion campaigns will produce significantly better results than traditional email marketing. Call Direct lets you operate in the same way as a traditional email campaign. You offer a valuable download in exchange for the interested prospect’s contact information.

But Call Direct doesn’t use email at all! It uses the mobile phone numbers of your prospect! They call the phone number you promote and you deliver the download directly via SMS text messaging!.

Call Direct Flow Chart Infographic

People don’t like giving their email addresses for fear of spam. So what do they do? They enter fake email addresses just to get your coupon, your free report, or whatever it is you use as your lead magnet to get them to subscribe to your list.

You can overcome this by using a double-opt in requirement but that cuts your subscription rate in half in many cases. If you use single-opt in to get the highest subscription rate possible with email marketing, you’ll still lose up to 25% of your subscribers because you can’t reach them


All MP3 recordings and SMS messages are subject to review and must comply with AdHitcher Technologies Inc. guidelines. Any messages not in compliance will be removed.

Full rules and guidelines will be supplied on request and are included in your package when you order. As long as what you offer is legal, ethical and is not in violation of existing U.S. and International law, your messages have a high probability of being accepted.


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