Canvas Template Collective – How To Create a Professional Cinematic High Quality Facebook Video Headers

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Canvas is a new technology that created by Lee Pennington, Simon Warner and Jamie Ohler. It can help you produce the spectacular, high-quality video headers WITHOUT loosing your mind with all the complexities of professional video creation.

Canvas has been designed to help you create spectacular, mind blowing video headers for both yourself AND for profit. As soon as clients see the visually stunning video headers you have produced with Canvas, they’ll be getting out their cheque book before you can even tell them your price.

Now you’ve got your Canvas Commercial License, you can create unlimited high caliber video headers for clients in any niche and sell them for as much as you like!It is done through2 simple steps:


Pick your template from our 20 slick, eye-catching ready-to-edit templates – produced IN HOUSE by our expert video production team.


Quickly and easily weave in your own content with one-click uploads of videos and images


Render your stunning video WITHOUT taking up ANY space on your computer!

Canvas by DropMock is turning into your most profitable investment of 2017 And paving the way for next year to be the most profitable of your life.

You will get all these:

  • The First and Only Facebook Video Header Creation Software On The Market
  • 20 Professionally Designed, Stunning, Streamlined Video Header Templates
  • Your Included Commercial License – Giving You The Ability To Sell An Unlimited Canvas Video Headers For Huge Profits
  • Hands On LIVE Training On How To Create, Sell, and DOMINATE Your Local Market With This FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE Opportunity!


Each and every month, our Team of Professional Designers and Video Creation Experts will create 10 JAW-Dropping Canvas Video Headers that you can use right away to keep you ahead of the market.

By being part of Canvas Elite, you can be rest assured that you have a Team of Professionals hard at work each and every day to create MIND-BLOWING Templates that will be the envy of all that see them.

You instantly gain access to more opportunity with extra stunning templates. The number of potential clients exponentially grows and you can make even more money right out of the gates. 10 brand new stunning, expertly designed video header templates will be rushed to your inbox every month, you will have a competitive advantage over EVERY marketing company in town. By stimulating your Canvas template inventory each and every month, Your competition will be left behind wondering how in the world you are able to do it!



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