Facebook Ads Influence PLR


If you haven’t discovered the world of advertising for business yet, you cannot afford to miss out on this BRAND NEW PLR package from CJ Moses over at PLR Influence.

In case you didn’t know, marketers are raving over how effective Facebook advertising has become over the years. In fact, many advertisers are choosing Facebook over Google for many reasons including, simplicity, efficiency, and being budget-friendly.

Facebook advertising can be a huge benefit to any business and its fairly easy to your campaigns up and running quickly. If you’re ready to start seeing success with your Facebook ads, now’s the time to scoop up this hot deal that will only last for a limited time.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 8 Thoroughly written articles
  • Short Report-“The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising”
  • Main Report- “Facebook Advertising Success Blueprint”
  • Complete Sales Funnel- Squeeze page, Sales page, Thank you page
  • Cheat Sheet
  • 2 Bonus tutorials
  • Webinar
  • Complete training course with 6 modules
  • 6 Action Worksheets
  • 4 Email Swipe Files
  • 1 Bonus Pdf Cheat Sheet

This bundle has everything you need for your readers to excel with Facebook advertising. The short report can be used for lead generation, and the main report can be an upsell. You can also use the webinar to pitch the training course or program, It’s ALL DONE FOR YOU!


13 relevant ways to use this PLR:

  • Use it for training. If you plan to do webinars, a video series, or have a coaching program, you can break up the content for these purposes.
  • Use on social media. Taking pieces of this content and posting it on social networks can position you as an expert and build your credibility.
  • Add it to a paid membership site. Most business owners and marketers are willing to pay to learn this information. Set up a members area and give them one lesson a month to bring in recurring income.
  • Create an e-course. Break up the content and use it for a 5-10 day e-course for your new subscribers. E-courses are great for setting up in your autoresponder, delivering free value to your community.
  • Turn the content into podcasts. You could take each title or topic and use the content for several podcast episodes on the subject.
  • Create free offers to build your list. Break up the content and turn it into pdfs. You could use the pdfs to offer free content on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Use it as a bonus to another product. You can simply add this product to an existing product you have to give more value to your customers.
  • Put it on Amazon Kindle. You can add more content to it, edit it, put your name on it, and upload it as a Kindle book.
  • Use it as a bonus to an affiliate offer. If you become an affiliate to a similar product, you can give this product to those who make a purchase through your affiliate link. This will make it an irresistible offer and bring you more sales!
  • Create an audio training series. More busy entrepreneurs and business owners are loving the ease and convenience of listening to audios.
  • Use it for a live event. Whether you do online or offline events, you can give the content away as a bonus by itself, or use it as an added bonus to a paid product.
  • Create a contest. You can use sites like Facebook and Instagram to run a contest and give the content away to the winner. It’s a great way to build your email list.
  • Add it to an online course. If you already have an online course available on a related subject, you could add the content to that course to give your students more lessons.



Bing Bang Profits – How To Generate High-Converting Bing Ads Campaigns Effortlessly


Inside Bing Bang Profits,  we show you a way to generate leads and sales, using our web based software and over the shoulder’s training, in 3 easy steps. You will be generating leads and affiliate marketing sales, with massive ROI , instantly using our evergreen CPA Affiliate marketing strategies which helped us build our own sustainable income since 2012.

We created a software and training course to help anyone wanting to make money with CPA Affiliate Marketing, and become an expert with Bing Ads. We share our over the shoulder’s advanced training secrets, and our  software automates the process to help you get started instantly and to generate results almost immediately.

Anyone can do this, easily, and effortlessly.   This is for the experienced, advanced and newbie in mind.You also get to copy my over the shoulder’s campaigns, and we make things easier for you to generate your first commission online through the use of the Software right at the end.

You can get started without any experience, but it’s also made for the advanced user too. All you’ll need is $5 to get your first campaign  you’ll copy inside the training and software we have for you inside Bing Bang Profits.

Perfect for: eCom, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, List building. You can create a sustainable income depending on the work you put out and the content you bring out should be consistent and persistent.

The most attractive feature  in this software and course  is the fact that you’ll be able to create multiple high converting optimized ads and campaigns instantly using our web based software, in any niche possible for massive ROI and profit.

Image result for Bing Bang Profits

As soon as you set up your account and software, you will immediately be able to develop and distribute your promotional campaigns effectively on the Bing Ads platform. Make good use of the advantages of Bing Ads; Bing Bang Profits has been optimized to set up the best ads to capture the best out of your audience.

With the knowledge from the case studies wrapped inside the software, you will definitely become one of the most successful marketers. Building up a user base is easy with the ability to interact with the audience and turn them into new fresh high targeted leads.

In summary Bing Bang Profits is the new software that can instantly generate high-converting ads on Bing platform. With its world’s first secret technology, it let you create unlimited profitable campaigns, and the results can be seen in less than 24 hours. Bing Bang Profits Review to generate sustainable revenues and profits.

This specific program can make different intuitive advertisements that interface promptly with your Bing Ads Account. You should simply enter inputs including your Niche, your Keyword. Also, that is truly a lot of everything. The framework will take a shot at autopilot to make various promotions.


Find Profitable Keywords for your Ad Campaigns.With the canny web index incorporated profound inside the framework, Bing Bang Profits can identify the most mainstream beneficial watchwords. From the information of Bing Bang Profits, you will have the capacity to build up the ideal showcasing effort without investing much energy and exertion.

This product is 100% beginner benevolent so you can utilize it effectively with no ace specialized abilities or experience required.

Stage 1: Select your specialty in view of labels and catchphrases inside the product

Stage 2: Create high upgraded advertisements in light of the specialty (The instrument will do it for you)

Stage 3: Get the movement, drives takes after, engagements, and perspectives on autopilot.

You will gain admittance to the mystery CPA offshoot promoting methodologies which helped the designer of this program procure a reasonable wage since 2012. You can get a similar outcome in the event that you put the framework to utilize now.



AdBuddy – Discover How Facebook Ad Creator Tool Can Generate 5,000 Leads & 8,500 Shares effortlessly In 3 Simple Steps | Online Marketing Tools

With this amazing tool you can Create Custom Tailored Ads That Grab Attention, Get Clicks and Produce Sales In Seconds. WITHOUT Advertising, Copywriting or Design Experience.


Adbuddy is your shortcut to creating captivating and profit producing ads fast. And it was created so that any local business owner, and online entrepreneur of any experience and background, can create an ad that represents their business or offer, gets attention, clicks and sales without struggle.

Source: AdBuddy – Discover How Facebook Ad Creator Tool Can Generate 5,000 Leads & 8,500 Shares effortlessly In 3 Simple Steps | Online Marketing Tools

Adviser 3.0 – How To Research On 1,600,000 Facebook Profitable Ads & Create Winning Ads Every Single Time With Huge CTI | Online Marketing Tools

Identify Converting Ad Copy – Stop wasting time, money, and resources on traffic sources that don’t convert — let your competitors do the work for you. Discover their most profitable publishers and ad copy. There’s nothing worse than buying expensive traffic on Facebook that doesn’t convert.

Source: Adviser 3.0 – How To Research On 1,600,000 Facebook Profitable Ads & Create Winning Ads Every Single Time With Huge CTI | Online Marketing Tools

Solo Ad Professor – Discover How To Simply Double Your Solo Ad Buying Profits


Solo ad traffic is fast, fairly cheap and highly targeted. Solo ads can be extremely profitable and much more. From this video series, you will find out how to crank out cold cold hard solo ad cash and much more.

It is the most incredible up to date strategies and tactics that  using right now to bank crazy profits when buying solo ads to build email lists.This incredible one is suitable for people for anyone that is struggling to make money back when buying solo ads, anyone that is fed up always losing money when buying solo ads.

Anyone that wants a clear cut no bs process to follow to make more money when buying solo ads, anyone that wants to learn how to set up a high converting sales funnel for solo ad traffic, anyone that wants to learn how to use solo ads effectively to build their email list fast, and anyone that wants to know the type of sales funnel you need to be using when using solo ads for traffic.


Solo Ad Professor is completed by x8 step by step video tutorials detailing  exact solo ad buying strategy and how to set up highly profitable winning campaigns and x5 mind maps detailing the exact types of sales funnels you use with solo ads.

Many of the strategies, tips, tactics and methods that we reveal in solo ad professor could be for any number of reasons. It could be that hardly no one thinks to use these powerful strategies or worse that they don’t want you to actually succeed when buying solo ads.

What You Will Learn in Solo Ad Professor:

  • How to double, triple and even quadruple your profits when buying solo ads
  • How to almost guarantee that you only buy top quality solo ads that will send you buying traffic
  • Why a high opt in rate could be damaging your solo ad results
  • The 1 Free “super tool” I use track the profitability of all my solo ads. This 1 tool will make it much easier for you to track your results
  • The “dilute” strategy I have been using for over 2 years that increases my OTO sales as much as 25% (hardly no one does this)
  • The 1 number you need to focus on with every solo ad you buy. Forget this and you will be marketing blind for years
  • The best types of offers to sell as your OTO to make the maximum amount of money back from your solo ad
  • How to actually set up brand new solo ad campaigns in just 3 minutes.
  • 1 crucial tactic you MUST be using on both your squeeze page and sale page to increase your OTO conversions. (this works like gangbusters)
  • The crucial time frame that you need to focus on to “make the sale” once they are on your list
  • The best type of swipe to use, how to create it and why you MUST use one with all your solo ad campaigns
  • The x5 cash cranking types of sales funnels you need to know when using solo ads
  • The 1 tweak I made which increased my solo ad profits by 20%.
  • The killer “out of the box” way to create your squeeze page
  • A behind the scenes look at my solo ad squeeze page and sales page so you can see what a high converting funnel looks like
  • And lots more…


Facebook Ad Essentials

Facebook Ads Essential Is A 15 Video Step-By-Step Course Helping People Learn The Ins and Outs of Running Facebook Ads. Designed To Help The Most Novice Marketer Run Their First Successful Facebook Ad Campaign.

As you know Facebook Ads are fast becoming one of the best ways to get laser targeted website visitors to your online business fast! In fact many entrepreneurs are exclusively turning to Facebook Ads as their only traffic source!

The one problem with Facebook Ads is that they can be complicated to get started with unless you have the right plan, and that is where Facebook Ads Essentials fits in! This course is so easy that anyone, including a child or someone’s grandmother, can get started with creating winning Facebook ad campaigns with the perfect targeting!


+ Discover How Facebook Ads Boosted Online Sales Pro’s Sales By 427%!
+ 25 Step-By-Step, Short and Simple FB Ad Lessons!
+ Create the Perfect Facebook Ad Every Time!
+ Unlock the Key To Successful Affiiate Marketing With FB Ads!
+ How to Create the #1 ROI Facebook Ad Campaign!
+ Generate more leads!

The team behind Facebook Ads Essential is Online Sales Pro which is a backed by LeadLine, LLC! They are a dynamic software company and a creative force. Pretty much the perfect blend of development, sales, marketing, project management, and customer support.

They develop simple software and web apps that help businesses grow, attract visitors, generate leads, and convert sales. When you work with the team at Online Sales Pro you are working with a true industry professional.

Their code is beautiful, and they deliver massive value with their technology and training to their already large subscriber base. They are real people, making a difference daily building software solutions. They love building systems.

With this native, streamlined form, lead ads gives marketers what they need to capture relevant details from people at a moment of discovery. It also vastly improves the user experience, increasing the likelihood that the consumer will complete and submit the form.


With consumers now spending more time on mobile than on computers, it’s not surprising that marketers are excited about the potential of Facebook lead ads. This ad format can generate targeted leads at scale, offers high conversion rates and more accurate contact data and boasts a seamless user experience instead of a thumb-numbing, long lead form.

You can get this entire $299 Facebook Ads course for only $17! That is a 94% discount if you act fast because this is a steal!



Videlligence – Taking Video Ad Creation To Entirely New Levels

Using Videlligence you can turn any product page URL into a top-converting video – NO video creation skills needed, ever and effortlessly drive UNLIMITED traffic to any offer with a single app that combines the power of video AND social media.

You can build lists and boost sales in any market with the world’s 1st artificial intelligence video creation technology and make passive income providing incredible animated videos to others – keep 100% of the profits.

Get up to a 157% boost in free, organic traffic while INCREASING conversions up to 45%. As a beginner or expert, you’ve NEVER seen a faster or easier way to create videos that get you paid.

Create Video Ads from your Store Collection Literally in 2 Clicks and sync your Entire Product Lineup Into Videos Automatically – And Access Them ALL Inside The Dash.

Videlligence is a very easy to use software. Incredible selection of templates and it comes with music too. You don’t have to worry about the copyright and paying extra fees for music.

It only took me 6 mins to create your first video ad without going through the training videos. It is THAT easy! The video can then upload directly to YouTube! This saves you SO MUCH Time

Experts and everyday marketers agree that video is the KING of traffic and conversions.

But making videos is time-consuming, difficult or expensive … or a combination of all 3.

  • You NEED to come up with content
  • You NEED to make edits to customize each video
  • You NEED multiple tools and the time to learn each one

VidElligence makes videos from literally any product page. So if you wanted to spy on your competitors to see what’s selling for them …You could instantly create videos using their product pages. Then list those top-sellers yourself!

You could pack your sites, pages & stores with products PROVEN to sell… And have pre-made videos ready to promote those new products done for you

TubeSift – Massively Cutting Down The Time You Spend Researching Your Campaigns, It Lets You Hit More Targets | Online Marketing Tools

TubeSift is by far my most valuable marketing tool. I use it every time I create a new campaign, and because of that I have a team of developers constantly maintaining and updating TubeSift to keep it compliant, and returning the best possible search results.

TubeSift is the Superman of YouTube ad software.It’s a cloud-based tool that provides you with laser-targeted keyword research in minutes. Its geo-targeting can literally fly around the world and return with hundreds of profit-ready videos for you to advertise on, faster than a speeding bullet…

And it’s something I wish I’d had when I first started out. But it didn’t exist back then, so I used the profits from my own YouTube campaigns to build it.
TubeSift lets you:

Find ONLY the best monetized videos in seconds.
Eradicate long, boring market research sessions
Complete essential keyword research in minutes.
Identify the perfect target audience for every new ad you create
Discover entire niches to dominate in a few clicks
Create multiple placement lists with ease
Create new ad campaigns without leaving the software

First, open up Google or YouTube and start brainstorming for keywords, that’s about an hour, right there…

Then comes the real drag, you need to spend another 2 or so hours searching for individual videos on YouTube, and manually confirming whether or not they can be monetized.

Search for individual videos on YouTube, and manually confirm whether or not they can be monetized (approx. 3 hours for standard campaign research)

Then, you’ll need to record all the Video URLs that can be monetized and input them into a spreadsheet. One-by-one. As you can imagine, this step takes a while, so best add another few hours to the mix.

Now you set up your placement lists. (You’ll learn all about those in VACC 3.0 by the way. Really important, It’s gonna make you a lot of money). Anyway, if you’re setting up these lists manually add another hour.

Repeat as necessary for each ad, niche, channel, campaign… (all up the total minimum time for an average campaign is approx. XXX hours)


DesignoPro Introduction Demo – Completely Done-For-You, High Converting Graphics With Designer-Level Quality In 60 Seconds Flat | Online Marketing Tools

Source: DesignoPro – Completely Done-For-You, High Converting Graphics With Designer-Level Quality In 60 Seconds Flat | Online Marketing Tools

Smart Ads Builder Instruction Demo  – How To Use Professional Converting Ads To Boost Business Activities