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In this Adwords Tutorial, Brad Geddes provides a step-by-step guide to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns. Running PPC campaigns to drive traffic and grow sales demands regular observation, analysis and overhaul of your best practices in order to suit constantly changing audiences.

A timely assessment will provide fresh insight, helping you re-imagine overlooked opportunities, and optimize results going forward. Join the author of Advanced Google Adwords, Brad Geddes as he explains the various steps involved in sorting out the post-holiday season checklist, identifying key items that need to be focused on, and ensuring that you’re all set for massive PPC success in the new year.


Source: Adwords Tutorial 2018 | Step By Step Guide To Improve PPC Campaign Performance in 2018 | Simplilearn | Online Marketing Tools


Adwords PPC Mastery – Stay In Control Of Advertising Budget In Reaching Out Your Potential Customers


Why You Need Adwords PPC Mastery? Finding The Right Customers That is Highly Qualified to your Business, Get Discovered on your Industry by Writing an Effective Ads that Converts and Building The Illusions Of Grandeur by Leveraging The Power of Remarketing.

Finding what people search on the search engines is one of the most important aspects of search engine marketing. Keyword research also helps in search engine optimization. In this lesson we will learn about the mindset behind keyword research and also the different tools and methods you can use to do keyword research.

we will discuss about what should happen after people click on your ads. Unless you have high converting landing pages and track your conversions, you will not be able to get a ROI from Adwords. This lesson is less about Adwords and more about what needs to be there beyond Adwords to make your campaigns work.

The Ultimate and Affordable Adwords PPC Mastery Training Ever!You Will…

*  Successfully implement an online Ad Campaigns that will attract the right customers to your business

*  Analyse the internal search data your customers are searching for

*  Develop a multichannel strategy that delivers on your marketing objectives

*  Create online brand domination that works in your industry

*  Gain confidence in crafting a highly effective PPC ads that encourage click-throughs and conversions

*  You will develop a bid management strategy to maximise high quality visitors and minimise costs

*  Gain great perspective on online marketing in both local and global market

*  Remarket to your previous website visitors to get them coming back to your site

*  How to easily double and drive consistent traffic to your business

*  Stay in control of your advertising budget in reaching out to your potential customers


 Who Can Benefit From Adwords PPC Mastery?

 Local Business Owners

Flower shop, hair salon, furniture, restaurant, etc.

 Product Vendors/Owners

Authors, Ebook Vendors, Software Developers, etc.

 Big or Small Companies

 Construction, Insurance, Food Manufacturing, etc.


Dentist, Chiropractor, Certified Lawyer, etc.

High Paying Jobs 

Paid Search Specialists, Digital Marketing Specialists

 E-Commerce Business

Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, 3dcart, etc.


Smart Ads Builder – World’s Most Powerful, Easiest To Use & Smartest Ads Builder With Over 1000 High Converting In-Built Templates

Use our top converting headlines, post texts to craft out a proven converting ads in minutes. Any changes you make will be instantly shown on the live editor so that you can see how your ad looks like before publishing it to facebook. Watch your conversions and profits go through the roof with these proven headlines, texts. Remember – you can choose from thousands of proven headlines, texts without going through all the hassles. You’ll never have to pay copywriters to write your headlines, post texts. Instantly tweak any message to increase YOUR bottom line……

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Easy Social Ads Formatter


Reading article on blogs, forums or news website can get really messy-Thanks to the advertisements , widgets, buttons, subscription box and other necessary UI elements.

One good way to remove clutter and advertisements from article pages is to install an Ad Blocker browser extension, but sometimes blocking Ads is not just enough.

Easily display on any posts and pages with just a single line of code.( shortcode integration). Offer your subscribers password protected exclusive usage of a plugin by password protecting the posts or pages.

So how do you format a web page for easy reading and keep only the content of the article, removing all the ads, Facebook social plugins, widgets,banners, subscription boxes, and other promotional stuff?



Google Adwords Biz In A Box

This package comes complete with Ebook, audio & video training. The course is developed by the well-established duo at, namely Dr. Amit Pareek and Ashu Kumar. To date, they have had 20 successful PLR product launches, all of them highly successful .So with this solid background, this product is not just another copy/paste work, and besides getting to benefit from it as a user, the PLR component is the other big plus that allows you to sell the product as your own and keep all the profits. For those of you who are not so familiar with paid traffic, Google AdWords is Google’s market leading advertising platform for paid search traffic. As we all know, Google is the primary search engine that everyone uses today to find useful info and websites using specific keyword searches. Every search shows that people are looking for a solution to their problem and Google’s technology allows websites to be displayed with such speed and precision, which is why we are all “Googling” today, Google AdWords is an auction-based promotional method that came and brought a revolution in the field of advertising with the PPC (Pay-per-Click) pricing model. It is simply a system that helps you market your products and services by placing text advertisements that will appear based on the specific keywords that you wish to advertise for.



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