How Can A Person Deal With Anxiety

“How can a person deal with anxiety? You might try what one fellow did. He worried so much that he decided to hire someone to do his worrying for him. He found a man who agreed to be his hired worrier for a salary of $200,000 per year. After the man accepted the job, his […] […]

Surprising, Little-Known Side Effects Of Anxiety

Guest blogger Carina Wolff from the Bustle examines the different ways anxiety effects us outside of the standard side effects It makes for very interesting and interesting read. When people think of anxiety, they tend to think of a racing heart, incessant negative thoughts, and fatigue or low energy. But there can be more to […] […]

Stress impairs the brain, leading to bad decisions

(Source: SINGAPORE: Chronic stress can have a negative effect on decision-making, according to a study by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The study, which was published in the journal Cell, builds on research by the same team two years ago. In their experiments on stressed mice and rats, the animals were […] […]