These Unique Buildings in India Just Won the Biggest Award in Architecture – Cailey Rizzo


Famed architect Balkrishna Doshi, also known as B.V. Doshi‬, won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize on Tuesday, making him the first Indian to do so in the award’s 40-year history. The Pritzker Prize is often referred to as the Nobel Prize of architecture.

Doshi, 90, designed renowned buildings throughout his home country of India, with an emphasis on public institutions and economical housing. Some of his most famous structures include the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and the Aranya Low Cost Housing complex in the city of Indore. Asked about his architecture philosophy by NPR, Doshi said: “Architecture is a backdrop for life.”

“I think it is very, very significant that this award has come to India — of course to me, but to India,” Doshi added in an interview with CNN. “The government, officials, those who take decisions, cities – everyone will start thinking that there is something called ‘good architecture’ [and that] lasting things can happen. [Only] then can we start talking about urbanization and urban design.”

To celebrate Doshi’s Pritzker Architecture Prize, take a look at some of the buildings he designed throughout his half-century career.

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Explore Google’s Sweeping Retrospective on Frida Kahlo’s Life & Legacy


n 1929, Frida Kahlo sketched a self-portrait onto the back of a painting titled “Portrait of Virginia.” The sketch would inform Kahlo’s “Self Portrait with Airplane,” which broke auction records in 2000 as the most expensive Latin American work and most expensive work by a woman ever sold. But because it is located on the back of a canvas, Kahlo’s original drawing is rarely seen.

Now, however, fans of the iconic Mexican artist can view the sketch for “Self Portrait with Airplane,” along with a host of other rarely seen works and artifacts, from the comfort of their homes. As Veronica Villafañe reports for Forbes, Google Arts & Culture has launched an expansive retrospective of Kahlo’s legacy featuring 800 items from 33 museums located in seven different countries. The collection is titled “Faces of Frida.”

“For years, Google Arts & Culture has been working in partnership with a network of museums and experts from all over the world to bring the many facets of Kahlo’s legacy together in one place,” Lucy Schwartz, program manager of Google Arts & Culture, writes in a blog post. The retrospective, she adds, “is the largest collection of artworks and artifacts related to Frida Kahlo ever compiled.”

“Faces of Frida” includes not only Kahlo’s paintings, but also her letters, personal photographs and unpublished writings. Visitors can peruse the pages of her colorful diary, read her letters to her mother, Matilde Calderón y Gonzalez and browse through photos of Kahlo and her husband, the artist Diego Rivera. One image of Rivera, taken at his studio in 1940, is stamped with bright pink lipstick—a kiss from Kahlo.

Several pieces featured in “Faces of Frida’ were sourced from private collections and have never before been available online, among them “View of New York,” which Kahlo drew while staying at the Barbizon Plaza Hotel in New York in 1932. Another 20 artworks have been captured in gigapixel resolution through Google’s Art Camera, which lets visitors zoom into Kahlo’s work to see her brushstrokes in vivid detail.

Yet another interactive feature takes the form of five Street View tours of sites that were important to Kahlo. Visitors can, for example, virtually explore Mexico City’s famous “Casa Azul” where Kahlo was born, lived and died.

Editorial features offer additional insight into Kahlo’s work and enduring legacy. One essay explores how Kahlo’s work was shaped by her struggles with multiple chronic illnesses. In another piece, three LGBTQ artists explain how they have been influenced by Kahlo’s honest, progressive ideas about gender and sexuality, which often made their way into her paintings.

“Though self-portraits may be how most people first encounter Kahlo, the woman they portray is revered for much more than her art,” Schwartz writes in her blog post. “The complexity of her thinking on feminism and politics, her body and her country, remains fresh. In these contexts, her universally recognizable face takes on many possible interpretations.”

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(Empathy and Art) Minneapolis Institute of Art: world’s first Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts. | Empathy Magazine

Source: (Empathy and Art) Minneapolis Institute of Art: world’s first Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts. | Empathy Magazine

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