How To Get ADA Website Compliance Technology and Stay Safe From Lawsuits

ADA Leadz is An Extraordinary App That Enables You To Set-up Your Own Agency That Focuses On Helping Businesses Stay Safe From Lawsuits And Acquire More Customers.

If you’re a digital publisher or a small business owner that’s looking to reach a wide audience with your website, you need to be aware of the ADA and the risks of not complying with the law. You could face a lawsuit, endure legal fees, a possible settlement, a potential public relations problem, and the cost of rebuilding your website so that it complies with the ADA.

Thousands of businesses have already been sued for millions of dollars for NOT being ADA Compliant. Save your business… and better yet, save others’ businesses and get paid top dollar for a minute’s work WITHOUT needing any legal skills or prior experience.  Introducing ADA Leads.

This is An Opportunity To Tap Into a Multi-Billion Dollar Market Cash in on the first-movers advantage. $650 billion dollars. That’s what the ADA Website Compliance Website market is valued at today. Imagine being able to help businesses save millions of dollars in lawsuits… and being the ONLY one to offer this service.

Running a complete ADA Website Compliance Website Audit in just minutes WITHOUT any technical skills or experience. And not just this… once you have saved a business from incurring an inevitable expense, the business owners will be eager to order any other service that you might offer or any other product that you might want to sell them because they already trust you now big time.

ADA LEADZ puts you in the driver’s seat as you’d be able to negotiate from the position of authority armed with professional audit reports.

ADA LEADZ Works In Three Simple Steps:

  • Step #1: Run A Full ADA Website Compliance Audit: Use ADA LEADZ to quickly find prospects (websites and pages that are NOT ADA Compliant) in seconds based on your keyword or offer this service straight to a lead/client that you have
  • Step #2: Generate Professional Print-On-Demand Full Audit Reports: ADA LEADZ will automatically generate reports that detail out all the ways they need to ensure they are ADA Compliant or improve their listing to rank higher.
  • Step #3: Get Paid. You can print these reports, send them to the shortlisted leads (or existing leads/clients, and gain instant authority over them and get paid. If you are cold-mailing… you can use any of their DFY proven-to-convert templates to close clients easily. These templates are available for different types of agencies if you only want to focus on selling one type of service i.e.: video marketing, local marketing, digital marketing, web design and many others.

ADA Leadz Features

  • Get Clients from ALL Over The Web: Once you enter your desired keyword, you can get access to those relevant clients irrespective of where their business is in the world. Apply filters to get the best results!
  • Research Details About Each Lead Before Saving Them: ADA leadz allows you to view contact information, address, page URL, compliant status, and more. Isn’t that cool?
  • Sort By Categories and Many Other Filters: There are various filter options you can use to sort and isolate primary leads that you would like to target. Arrange Data in order and contact leads accordingly.
  • Run A Complete ADA Compliance Website Audit: ADA LEADZ then scans the entire website in seconds on complete auto-pilot.
  • Create Advanced and Professional ADA Website Compliance Reports: ADA Leadz can automatically produce a detailed report that shows how compliant the website in question is and provide solutions to make them fully compliant and optimized for better results.
  • Download Print-On-Demand PDF Reports For Leads: These reports are undeniably impressive and can even be printed on-demand if you want to meet with the client in person or send the report in the mail. Want Instant authority? These reports are designed exactly for that!
  • Email Technology Swipes: Select a group of priority leads to contact and use their DFY proven-to-convert email templates to reach out to them. Use ADA Leadz’s email marketing technology to customize your message and create a great impression.
  • Organize Campaigns and Manage Leads: Create specific campaigns like ‘Chiropractors in New York’ and add any specific leads you want to each campaign. Keep everything perfectly organized and each lead updated throughout the onboarding process.

Don’t have experience? Don’t worry… The entire set up process has been detailed out for you. The cloud-based software does all the hard work and hands you the results on a silver platter. You can explore leads, understand their problems, reach out with solutions, and eventually convert clients.

And not just this… once you have saved a business from incurring an inevitable expense, the business owners will be eager to order any other service that you might offer or any other product that you might want to sell them because they already trust you now big time. Ada Leadz 2.0 puts you in the driver’s seat as you’d be able to negotiate from the position of authority armed with professional audit reports.



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How To Perform a Technical SEO Audit in 15 Steps

technical seo audit

We’ve all been there, whether we’ve been an SEO for weeks or decades — staring at a website, knowing there are issues slowing it down and keeping it from the top of results pages. Just looking at the site, you can tick off a few changes that need to be made: Perhaps the title tag on the homepage doesn’t follow SEO best practices, or the navigation looks like something you need both hands to maneuver.

A technical SEO audit isn’t easy; it’s a puzzle with lots of evolving pieces. The first time you face an audit, it can seem like there’s just too much to do. That’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide.

Follow these steps to run a technical audit using Semrush tools. It will help beginners, especially, who want to reference a step-by-step guide to make sure they don’t miss anything major. We’ve broken the process into 15 steps so you can check them off as you go.

When you perform a technical SEO audit, you want to check and address issues with:

Semrush’s Site Audit Tool should be a major player in your audit. With this tool, you can scan a website and receive a thorough diagnosis of your website’s health. There are other tools, including the Google Search Console, that you’ll need to use as well.

Let’s get started.

1. How To Spot and Fix Indexation and Crawlability Issues

First, we want to make sure Google and other search engines can properly crawl and index your website. This can be done by checking:

  • The Site Audit Tool
  • The robots.txt file
  • The sitemaps
  • Subdomains
  • Indexed versus submitted pages

Additionally, you’ll want to check canonical tags and the meta robots tag. You’ll find more about canonical tags in section three and meta robots in section eight.

Semrush’s Site Audit Tool

The Site Audit Tool scans your website and provides data about all the pages it’s able to crawl, including how many have issues, the number of redirects, the number of blocked pages, overall site performance, crawlability, and more. The report it generates will help you find a large number of technical SEO issues.


Check your robots.txt file in the root folder of the site: You can use a validation tool online to find out if the robots.txt file is blocking pages that should be crawled. We’ll cover this file — and what to do with it — in the next section on site architecture issues.


Sitemaps come in two main flavors: HTML and XML.

  • An HTML sitemap is written so people can understand a site’s architecture and easily find pages.
  • An XML sitemap is specifically for search engines: It guides the spider so the search engine can crawl a website properly.

It’s important to ensure all indexable pages are submitted in the XML sitemap. If you’re experiencing crawling or indexing errors, inspect your XML sitemap to make sure it’s correct and valid.

Like the robots.txt file, you’ll likely find an XML sitemap in the root folder:

If it’s not there, a browser extension can help you find it, or you can use the following Google search commands:

  • inurl:sitemap
  • filetype:xml
  • ext:xml

If there’s no XML sitemap, you need to create one. If the existing one has errors, you’ll need to address your site architecture. We’ll detail how to tackle sitemap issues in the next section.

To fix crawlability and indexing issues, find or create your sitemap and make sure it has been submitted to Google.

Submitting your sitemap means posting it on your website in an accessible location (not gated by a login or other page), then entering the sitemap’s URL in the Sitemaps report in Google Search Console and clicking “Submit.”

Check the Sitemap report in Google Search Console to find out if a sitemap has been submitted, when it was last read, and the status of the submission or crawl.

Your goal is for the Sitemap report to show a status of “Success.” Two other potential results, “Has errors” and “Couldn’t fetch,” indicate a problem.


In this step, you’re verifying your subdomains, which you can check by doing a Google search: -www.

Note the subdomains and how many indexed pages exist for each subdomain. You want to check to see if any pages are exact duplicates or overly similar to your main domain. This step also allows you to see if there are any subdomains that shouldn’t be indexed.

Indexed Versus Submitted Pages

In the Google search bar, enter:


In this step, you’re making sure the number of indexed pages is close to the number of submitted pages in the sitemap.

What To Do with What You Find

The issues and errors you find when you check for crawlability and indexability can be put into one of two categories, depending on your skill level:

  • Issues you can fix on your own
  • Issues a developer or system administrator will need to help you fix

A number of the issues you can fix, especially those related to site architecture, are explained below. Consider the following two guides for more in-depth information:


  • Site Structure

    Site structure is how a website is organized. “A good site structure groups content and makes pages easy to reach in as few clicks as possible.” It’s logical and easily expanded as the website grows. Six signs of a well-planned and structured website:

    • It takes only a few clicks (ideally three) for a user to find the page they want from the homepage.
    • Navigation menus make sense and improve the user experience.
    • Pages and content are grouped topically and in a logical way.
    • URL structures are consistent.
    • Each page shows breadcrumbs. You have a few types of breadcrumbs to choose from, but the point is to help website users see how they’ve navigated to the page they’re on.
    • Internal links help users make their way through the site in an organic way.

    It’s harder to navigate a site with messy architecture. Conversely, when a website is structured well and uses the elements listed above, both your users and SEO efforts benefit.

    Site Hierarchy

    When it takes 15 clicks to reach a page from the homepage, your site’s hierarchy is too deep. Search engines consider pages deeper in the hierarchy to be less important or relevant.

    Conduct an analysis to regroup pages based on keywords and try to flatten the hierarchy. Making these types of changes will likely change URLs and their structures and may also affect the navigation menus to reflect new top-level categories.Read more…..

A.J. Ghergich

By: A.J. Ghergich

Source: How To Perform a Technical SEO Audit in 15 Steps



This tutorial goes through a full SEO audit using Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool. The example website is a VERY popular website where we find and analyze thousands of technical SEO issues. Try Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool ► More specifically, you’ll learn: » how to conduct a website audit for over 100 SEO errors, warnings, and notices » how to analyze your website’s SEO health » how to read through Ahrefs’ SEO audit reports. » a simple workflow to correct your website’s issues. » how to automate your audits and monitor it over time.
Technical SEO is one of the rare things in search engine optimization that you have full control over. And it’s something that you shouldn’t ignore as it could prevent your website from reaching its full ranking potential in organic search. Timestamps: 0:41 Create a project in Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool and run the crawl 4:30 Analyze your website’s SEO health 7:17 Look through your meta descriptions and titles 7:33 Handle the duplicates on your site 9:22 Use this workflow to correct your website’s issues Be sure to subscribe for more actionable tutorials on the Ahrefs channel.… STAY TUNED: Ahrefs ► YouTube ►… Facebook ► Twitter ► Google+ ►
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The Importance Of Audit In The Evolving Financial Reporting Ecosystem

The debate about responsible financial reporting has not been sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the future of audit—and how it should adapt to changing stakeholder demands—has only grown in importance as financial reporting ecosystem participants consider how to deliver reporting that provides the insights for businesses and investors to recover and thrive.

To inform this debate and understand the value placed on financial statement audits, Deloitte Global surveyed 351 C-suite, finance and audit committee executives, investors, shareholders, and board members across nine countries from a broad spectrum of companies. The survey, which was conducted in April/May 2020, at the height of the initial global response to COVID-19, shows that even within the economic turmoil of the pandemic, market participants place great value on audits and the assurance that they provide.

Audit remains essential

The survey results underscore the fact that audit is an integral part of the financial reporting ecosystem, which includes management, boards and those charged with governance, regulators, standard setters, auditors, and investors, each having an important role to play. Ninety-eight percent of respondents agree that an audit of a company’s financial statements allows them to trust and rely on the financial statements to some degree (31% agree completely, 62% agree strongly, 5% agree somewhat).

There continues to be differing views about the perceived scope and purpose of audit. While today’s complex business environment requires the audit to be dynamic, multidimensional, and insightful in order to meet changing needs and expectations, there has been a growing demand for audits to evolve and provide real-time, relevant information, and companies expect audits to keep pace as they innovate their businesses and processes.

Auditing firms are responding to these demands to modernize the audit. These advancements seem to have made an impact, as 94% of respondents said that they are more confident in their financial statement audit process than they were five years ago, with nearly one-third (32%) answering that they are much more confident. Although great progress has been made, with increasing complexity, risk, and expectations, there is still more to do.

Expanding audit

Ninety-two percent of respondents seek a more holistic view of the direction their organization is heading from their audits. When asked which business areas they would like their audit to include in the future, they were equally split among the following areas—corporate culture, sustainability practices, ethical standards and practices, social responsibility practices, corporate purpose, and cyber risk.

When asked specifically about financial statement audits, 95% of those surveyed said that a financial statement audit should provide additional value beyond providing an independent auditor’s report on the historical financial information. These findings suggest that a financial statement audit should inform as well as assure, extending its scope to areas of broader public interest, not solely historic financial statements.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) believe financial statement audits are designed to provide assurance that any fraud will be detected by the auditors. However, in its current form, an audit is not designed to provide these absolute assurances indicating there is a misunderstanding about what an audit is designed to do. The auditor’s responsibilities in relation to detecting fraud is an area of continued focus in adapting the scope of the audit and requires the constructive, integrated evolution of standards.

Fraud risk is not new, but recent corporate failures have increased the focus. This is emphasizing the responsibilities of management boards, regulators, and auditors. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant operational and financial pressures on many companies and may have led to changes or weaknesses in their internal controls.

Transparency expectations

Technological disruption, rapid market changes, and recent events have also highlighted the desire for greater transparency and breadth in reporting. A majority (65%) of executives surveyed cited greater visibility and transparency around the process and outcomes of the audit as a way to address these expectations.

Further, we see much greater interest in sustainability by a range of stakeholders. Over the past years, issues such as ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance have moved from being a fringe interest to a key factor in investment decisions.

Auditing firms are actively engaging with policymakers in evolving the scope of the audit—taking a critical look at the auditor’s role within the financial reporting ecosystem and how greater transparency can drive more meaningful financial reporting.

A financial reporting ecosystem fit for the future

As expectations evolve, it is clear that the entire financial reporting ecosystem will need to continue to adapt as an integrated whole. All players across the ecosystem have a collective responsibility to serve the public interest. More forward-looking reporting, covering both financial and non-financial matters, such as climate and ethics, is an important step in this evolution. Ultimately any changes implemented need to drive responsible business behaviors, improve clarity and transparency of relevant reporting, and provide stakeholders with more meaningful information to equip them to take informed decisions.

The auditor is critical, but only one part of the financial reporting ecosystem— continued constructive collaboration is needed to drive further change.

Jean-Marc Mickeler

Jean-Marc Mickeler

Jean-Marc Mickeler is the Deloitte Global Audit & Assurance Business Leader. He started his career at Deloitte in 1994, overseeing the audit of several major international banks. Jean-Marc holds an MSc in Management from Amiens Business School. He is a registered Statutory Auditor and an ACPR registered auditor. Jean-Marc has also served as the Chairman of the Professional Club Control Commission of the DNCG (Professional Football League) since 2017.


Edspira 172K subscribers Auditing provides credibility to companies’ financial information and is therefore essential to the functioning of capital markets. If you’re thinking of purchasing a business, buying shares of stock in a company, or lending money to a company, you need to know that the numbers in the company’s financial statements are legitimate. Auditors create value by serving as an independent, third party that rigorously examine management’s assertions in the financial statements and let you know whether these assertations can be trusted. If investors and creditors have no way of knowing whether they can trust companies’ financial information, they will be hesitant to invest or lend money to firms – this would cause markets to grind to a halt.

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Building Resilience: The Importance Of Audit During Times Of Disruption

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the existing challenges facing businesses and exposed new risks that must be addressed. To better understand these challenges, Deloitte Global conducted a survey of 351 respondents from around the world in April and May 2020, at the height of the initial global COVID-19 lockdown.

Through this survey, we sought to better understand the value that c-suite, finance and audit committee executives, investors, shareholders, and board members place on audit as a result of COVID-19.

The results unveil some of the most pressing COVID-19 concerns, many of which are still relevant today, as well as executives’ changing perceptions about the role of auditors in approaching these challenges.

The importance of assessing risk

Deloitte’s survey reveals respondents were seeking insights that could help them assess the risk presented by COVID-19 or similar “black swan events.” In fact, 90% of executives in our survey felt that management could benefit by taking a page from the auditor’s playbook in assessing risks from such events. For example, adhering to sound internal controls principles and practices, employing robust systems of quality control, and entrenching a culture of ethics and integrity can go a long way to helping an organization remain resilient in times of crisis.

Businesses that seek to understand the long-term impacts of the crisis on their operating models are more likely to find new ways to quickly adapt to the post-COVID-19 world. To navigate this emerging environment, all participants in the financial reporting ecosystem from companies and boards to regulators, auditors, and investors, will need to continue to participate in regular and transparent engagement.

Successful businesses will find opportunities to learn from the COVID-19 crisis and use their experiences to prepare for future disruptive events. For example, some companies—Deloitte included—are leveraging their cloud infrastructure and investments in innovative collaboration tools as well as virtual learning.

Addressing resiliency concerns

While the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the ways some businesses operate, it’s also ushered in a new reality of virtual working. Driving a reliance on digital technology and collaboration tools has left many executives concerned about the long-term efficacy of their pre-COVID-19 business strategies. When asked about the resilience of their companies during COVID-19, the two largest concerns for respondents were viability of their business models (e.g., impacts on infrastructure, logistics, technologies, ongoing operations, and go-to market strategies) (57%) and accounting and financial reporting issues (54%).

When viewed by geography, respondent concerns shifted somewhat. Brazil, France, India, and the US rated business model concerns the highest. European respondents in general showed greater concern for the health and well-being of their employees (49%), and Asia Pacific respondents’ had the greatest concern for customer relationships and future demand (49%).

The pandemic has impacted industries in different ways, and the results reflected these differences in executives’ concern by sector.

For example, consumer products companies cited financial resilience (capital stability and liquidity) and liquidity as their top concern (64%), while companies in the financial services industry were most concerned with the brand and reputation of their businesses (55%).

Evolving the financial reporting ecosystem

The economic and health crisis resulting from the pandemic has also caused the process of financial reporting to be far more challenging than before. Professionals must now deal with travel restrictions which prevent routine in- person meetings and activities, market volatility that impacts estimates and valuations, challenges of cross-border data sharing, and complex tax implications of work-from-home mandates.

It is therefore unsurprising that 54% of executives shared that navigating accounting and financial reporting issues was a top concern—this was an especially common concern among investors. They are seeking objective insight about systems of control and quality that informs guidance in difficult decisions relating to forecasts, estimates, and other judgments related to valuations and complex accounting treatments.

Infographic: Covid-19 concerns
Deloitte Global

When asked what actions their businesses were planning to take to respond to COVID-19 challenges, 63% of executives said they were focusing on communications with investors and stakeholders on business challenges and impacts. This response amplifies the positive potential impact that constructive engagement throughout the financial reporting ecosystem could have on markets.

Many regulators have acknowledged the uncertainties created by COVID-19 and emphasized the need for high-quality reporting that includes the transparent disclosure of new risks and assumptions made. These comments have provided some assurance for reporters and users of financial statements alike, and more regulator input will go a long way in reinforcing trust and reliability.

Access to timely, transparent, meaningful data and insights to inform financial reporting and associated disclosures remains critical. It enables stakeholders— investors, employees, suppliers, governments, and regulators—to identify which companies have so-far mitigated the disruptive effects of the pandemic.

Looking forward

As businesses continue to adjust to the new normal, understanding the long-term effects of the pandemic and what actions we all need to take is critical. COVID-19 has revealed just how disruptive events can be on “business as usual” and emphasized the need for future planning. With threats like climate change ramping up there is a lot to be considered and planned for. Further, the pandemic has brought into sharper focus the need for transparent and reliable information beyond historical financial statements.

Doing business has been forever changed, including how auditors operate. It is clear that the auditing profession has an important role to play in advancing economic recovery. This is why the conversation around the future of audit is so critical at this moment in time.

Jean-Marc Mickeler

Jean-Marc Mickeler

Jean-Marc Mickeler is the Deloitte Global Audit & Assurance Business Leader. He started his career at Deloitte in 1994, overseeing the audit of several major international banks. Jean-Marc holds an MSc in Management from Amiens Business School. He is a registered Statutory Auditor and an ACPR registered auditor. Jean-Marc has also served as the Chairman of the Professional Club Control Commission of the DNCG (Professional Football League) since 2017.



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