SyndRanker Indexer – Do Unlimited Numbers of Syndications With Advanced Drip Feed Abilities | Online Marketing Tools

Simply select a list of your links or your clients links that need indexed, press go, and you’re done. The indexer add-on is fully automated and will take care of everything for you. Choose to have your links indexed all at once, or drip fed overtime for a more natural appearance.

Unlike other indexers, you won’t need to sit around answering captcha questions.You can ping over 300+ signals for faster indexing and ultimately, higher rankings faster than other indexer solutions.

Source: SyndRanker Indexer – Do Unlimited Numbers of Syndications With Advanced Drip Feed Abilities | Online Marketing Tools


Social Ranker – Build Unlimited Social Backlinks Within 2 Clicks No Captchas No Signups

1.jpgSocial Ranker is the First Ever – 100% Automated Web-based Social Link Building tool which allows unlimited link campaigns. Sign up and start adding campaigns right away from the members area. It’s all web-based, nothing to download or install.

Social Ranker allows unlimited link building campaigns with 95% success rate unlike our competitors… we want you to take advantage of these powerful social sites without limits! Get backlinks from over 200 high authority social websites within two clicks. Social link building was never THIS easier before

You can add different URLs and spread links over multiple pages of the same website as well as Tier 2 URLs/links. Doing this will equally benefit all your website pages or Tier 2 links and make your SEO campaign look more natural. Social Ranker has taken link automation to the next level with automated signups, captcha solving, proxy usage, and detailed reports.

Just sit back and watch as the social magic happens.Social Ranker is great for videos to get natural views, likes, and higher ranking in search engines. Video embeds on social sites have proven to be one of the most effective ways to rank. Just copy/paste your backlinks in our built-in online pinging system and see them getting supercharged via 24 ping services almost instantly.

Social backlinks, signals, bookmarks or whatever you call them… search engines love these natural authoritative links generated from active social networks. Time for you to dominate those top spots!

Every single campaign that is processed through our system comes with a proof in form of detailed Excel reports. You will even get login details of all the sites where links are created. We keep them Whitelabel so that you can send directly to your clients .

3.jpg You can set a drip feed period for one or all campaigns from 1 to 3 days. It’s not a very big deal though since we’re getting links from social websites and at most 200, which is by all means a very safe number.

It’s as easy as copy/pasting multiple URLs from the same website and adding keywords in any language your website/business is in. You can even mix and use Tier 2 URLs that are different from money site.


Push Button Traffic Pro – How To Create Content Pages With Keyword Backlink Targeting Tool


Push Button Traffic is a Traffic Getting Plugin that gets you FREE traffic with the click of your mouse. You don’t need any prior experience or tech skills to use this. The Push Button Traffic does ALL the heavy lifting for you.

The opportunity for getting traffic is massive, and you can get as much as you want. It’s not uncommon to get THOUSANDS of high-quality visitors monthly with this Push Button Traffic Plugin. And remember… the traffic is REAL… and it converts.

It works in two steps: There’s Just 3 Steps To Getting Unlimited FREE Traffic With three steps:

  1. Enter your keyword
  2.  The Push Button Traffic App will find multiple long tail keywords related to the keyword you choose, create content pages around each keyword, then schedule posts to your website (All Done For You!)
  3. The Plugin will then Automatically Create Backlinks for you so that your pages get traffic, you make sales and profits! (ALL DONE FOR YOU!)

Struggling to get backlinks is a thing of the past… This powerful Plugin does that for you too. All you have to do is choose a keyword, click submit, and The Push Button Traffic App does the rest

Watch How This Push Button Traffic Plugin. Gets Us Tons Of FREE Traffic

It has never been easier to get high-quality, FREE traffic that actually converts…Although the value of the FREE traffic you’re getting is easily worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month…

It would be easy to charge $97+ per month for this money-making Plugin…But you won’t invest anywhere near that today. For a limited time, we’ve eliminated the monthly fee, and you can get your hands on the Push Button Traffic and video training today for a one-time investment of just

You have to take your main keyword and spend hours researching to find more long – tail keywords related to that keyword. Then you have to create content around all of your long-tail keywords… imagine how long this will take if you have 20-100 long-tail keywords.

We’ve Created An Easy-To-Use Traffic Getting Plugin That Does ALL Of The Hard Work For You. It Gets You UNLIMITED Traffic With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse.

Save time trying to research the best keywords to optimize and rank for. This does that for you. No more manually posting content… The Plugin automatically schedules posts so that it looks natural to the search engines.

Get THOUSANDS of high-quality visitors to your website with the clicks of your mouse…No more stressing to create content… This Push Button Traffic Plugin has a built-in scraper that creates content around every single keyword.

This Plugin is newbie-friendly and extremely easy to install… you’ll be up and running in minutes. To get traffic all you need to do is enter a keyword, and the Plugin does the rest for you.

You don’t have to worry about writing content or anything complicated… Push Button Traffic does all of that for you. Once you start getting traffic, it just keeps coming for months and months, making you money while you sleep.

Instructions for a super easy install are included, and it only takes a few minutes. If you have any questions or issues, our support team is standing by.




Backlink Flood – How To Build An Authority Wheel That Works

The search engines are smarter now than they where even a year ago, not just Google, but Yahoo, Bing and others as well… At the same time your competition is smarter than they used to be…

Everyone and their brother knows what SEO is, they know how to build or buy links… And your bigger competitors are already enjoying great rankings, with established authority sites and tons of relevant links.

However there is something you CAN do to get an edge, and it works FAST…

Following my step-by-step blueprint you will learn:

How To Exploit Rapid Link Indexing… Get your links noticed by Google and other top search engines in hours, not weeks… And start driving your websites up the SERP’s and receiving organic traffic in the least amount of time possible…
The Correct Way To Use Parasite Hosting… Parasite hosting is using 3rd party websites to post your content and links… It’s nothing new, but most people don’t have a clue as to how to use it the RIGHT way and create a powerful linking system that actually produces RESULTS and doesn’t get flagged as spam.
How To Build An “Authority Wheel” That Works… If you thought linking directly to your site from 3rd party sites was enough to get the job done, you’re probably not ranking as highly for keywords as you’d like to be, and chances are you’re missing this critical tool in your SEO arsenal.
Multi-Level Linking Explained… Think beyond direct linking, go one step further than building an “authority wheel”, and finally push your traffic and rankings to the next level using Multi-Level Linking… And make sure you do it right the first time so all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste.
Will Google Really De-Index My Domain? Absolutely, and anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about… However, there are a few measures that you can take to make sure that it never happens to you, you can read all about it on page 26.
Keyword Research Done RIGHT… This is another MAJOR area where people mess up and throw away all of their hard work… And it’s probably the most critical step in all of SEO, trust me, you want to get it right the first time… That’s why I’ve included a special software and separate guide specifically to ensure that you’re performing your keyword research in the correct manner.
My Personal Tools To Help You Automate The Process… I’ll go into more detail below, but I’m also including 2 of my own tools that I personally use to cut hours of work down to just a few minutes, and they’ll help you to do the same.
A List Of Over 250 Web 2.0 Properties That You Can Use To Build High Quality Links… And more importantly, I’ll teach you how to use Web 2.0 properties the RIGHT way… So that you get high quality links from high authority domains, without being flagged as a spammer and getting your domain penalized.
How Social Bookmarking Can Rapidly Boost Your Link Building Efforts… Very few people I know realize just how powerful social bookmarking can be… Again, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. I’ll show you how to use social bookmarking in the most effective way possible.
An In Depth Understanding Of How Links REALLY Work… What sites pass link juice? How far does it go? What get’s you flagged as a spammer? How you can protect yourself… The anatomy of a backlink, why anchor text works the way it does, and much MUCH more…
When you download Backlink Flood, I don’t want you to think the information was “pretty good”, or “worth the asking price”. I want you to look back and say “Wow, learning this stuff was really the turning point for my online business.”
Backlink Flood can serve as a great step-by-step guideline to hand over to your outsourced workers, so that you can rest assured you’re getting maximum results on your link building efforts… Even when you’re paying someone else to do it for you.

WP Content Discovery – Best Choice For Autopilot Content Traffic

Setting up WP Content Discovery is extremely simple, it will take you just 16 seconds to download, 29 seconds to install and activate, and up to 45 seconds more to customize it, and you will start getting traffic right away.

After installation, each of your posts will be indexed automatically into our network (2,000+ sites) which have also installed the plugin, that will automatically create a backlink to each of your posts, and it will keep doing so each time a new site comes into the network.

Real people who actually visit every one of the sites and posts inside our network. Real eyes will be viewing all of your posts on complete autopilot. The More New posts you submit onto your site, the more new eyes will be getting into your content, all on complete autopilot.

The majority of the sites submitted into our network are from Top Tier Countries (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand). That is why the traffic your sites will get are guaranteed to be from those countries as well.

The Natural Results for getting Real-Human, and Premium Traffic, is of course, consistent profit activity. That is something that might happen to your own sites. as we have shown you with our test site above.

Different than from any other consistent traffic generation services, you will absolutely not have to pay a monthly fee or future charge whatsoever. You will get as much traffic as you want, for your entire lifetime, or until you decide to disable the plugin from your sites.

Something not seen before is the ability for you to get unlimited free quality traffic for multiple posts at the same time. You don’t have to do absently any additional work for this. It’s a built in feature that comes after installing the plugin.

Our Network automatically detects the category of each post submitted into our network, and shows you each of those categories as check mark choices, so you can securely get the right type of niche traffic for your posts.

Build and Collect Leads With Actionable Shortcodes. Take Full Control Over Your CTA Sales Buttons to Gain Powerful Insights to Optimize Your Sales.

Control an unlimited amount of highly customized sales buttons inside your WordPress blog. Utilize all the features to sky-rocket your sales with premium designed sales buttons that will capture attention and convert. Guaranteed! Completely optimized for Desktop and Mobile screens.

The Wiki Wizard – Supreme Authority Backlink Builder To Get You Ranked High

Wiki Wizard is a cheap wiki link building software that automatically builds your backlinks to wiki sites at the click of a button. It is automatically builds backlinks for you by posting them to wiki sites. There are some very cool features that this software has that many of it’s more expensive competitors don’t.

Here are the features that make Wiki Wizard a steal at little price.

  1. Comes with a list of 500 wiki sites already installed in the software.
  2. Creates accounts at all of your wiki sites at the push of a button.
  3. Has  automatic email verification so you don’t have to worry about clicking confirmation emails.
  4. Allows you to spin your content so you don’t have to worry about duplicate content.
  5. Allows you to rotate your backlinks so you can build backlinks to several sites and not have to worry about building too many backlinks too fast.
  6. Allows you to rotate keywords so that your backlinks are penguin friendly.
  7. Can import a list of wikis if you want to post to more than the 500 wikis that come with the software.

WikiWizard Features:

  • Comes with a list of 500 wiki sites already installed in the software.
  • Creates accounts at all of your wiki sites at the push of a button.
  • Has automatic email verification so you don’t have to worry about clicking confirmation emails.
  • Allows you to spin your content so you don’t have to worry about duplicate content.
  • Allows you to rotate your backlinks so you can build backlinks to several sites and not have to worry about building too many backlinks too fast.
  • Allows you to rotate keywords so that your backlinks are penguin friendly.
  • Can import a list of wikis if you want to post to more than the 500 wikis that come with the software.
  • Get rapid rankings for choice money keywords you never thought you could get before.
  • Sail past your competitors in the SERPS, stealing their traffic and sales along the way.
  • Ramp up your sales and opt-in figures overnight.
  • Stay under the radar from Google and build yourself a more long term, secure online income.
  • Save time and money buy getting super-fast, high quality backlinking software.


Link Alchemist – The No.1 Backlink Generator & Page Ranking Tool

Link Alchemist is a the backlink generator tool that allows you to create backlinks and increase your page rank easily.The software schedules and recycles links and uses several technologies to ‘ultra boost’ those links and recover the 80% wasted SEO on your site.

The speed and variety of boosting combined with link creation is the key. And it is all  so simple to setup and run that my young 9 year old daughter was able to setup the whole process for her own ‘first school blog’ and got tremendous results in a matter of weeks – and all on auto pilot.

The more strategic links you build to more sites, the faster you’re going to make money.Link Alchemist has completely transformed my online business and enabled me to get rankings I’d never even dreamed of before.


You now have an opportunity to use the same software and link infrastructure that I do and get my strategic ‘ultra boostology’ linking for your own site and boost up your rankings. Think this is just another Backlinking software tool? Think again..

The bottom line is that you need to be using every ounce of link juice from quality links pointing to your site to keep your sales and affiliate clicks growing all the time.

Here’s how easy it is to setup a campaign with Link Alchemist

Well what if all your advertising was never seen – it went out on TV channels that…., or in newspapers that … or the adverts were lost amongst tons of other ads… and no one knew that your shop actually existed in that street!

People just walked past the end of the road every single day and nobody ever saw your shop or your fantastic products?This would kill your business right? Of course it would. This is exactly what is happening to your website and thousands of other site owners today.

Your Link Alchemist plus all of the built in technologies, link drip feeding, flexible scheduling and content link creation is available for the special price

SERPScribe Commercial – Instatly Create Fully Unique Optimized Content & Rank It With Authority Links Fast

SERPScribe is a fully cloud based SEO app that allows users to take care of all their SEO needs inside one user-friendly dashboard with just a few clicks. SERPScribe is a cloud app built for modern times that ‘plays by Google’s rules’ to really help users rank with everything from unique content creation and syndication, to ‘onsite’ SEO optimization, and even safe backlinking.

Find longtail global AND local keyword terms to rank for in Google with competition difficulty and meaningful data so you know quickly what a good niche term to rank for is.

Create the content FOR you from a database of thousands of articles so you’re ranking with fully unique, relevant content that can be 100% readable too with no grammar errors Google can detect (includes longform articles too Google loves.

Fully SEO optimize the content using our SEO wizard so it ranks perfectly and tells Google exactly what it’s about. Submit your article to many WordPress sites all at once. Because it’s a cloud dashboard you can ‘Rent’ out the sites to local businesses you rank, flip them for profits on Flippa, or just add affiliate products and collect passive cash.

Tons of extra features that really take SERPScribe to the next level.

  • Access to 3000+ more readymade articles
  • Future monthly unique articles
  • Huge Domain Research Module
  • Domain competition
  • Ad Wizard
  • Competitors Keywords
  • Outsourcers License (Outsourcers can log in and do all the work for you)

The product is high-quality, newbie friendly and high-converting. We’ve already ticked all the boxes for you. BUT on top of it all, Ben & Radu will reciprocate HARD for all our top affiliates, and together will bring the heat to any launch we get behind.


One Stop SEO – Discover A Search Engine Spider Simulator With Article Spinner PRO Stabilizer | Online Marketing Tools

Source: One Stop SEO – Discover A Search Engine Spider Simulator With Article Spinner PRO Stabilizer | Online Marketing Tools

WP Backlink Machine Introduction Demo