Guy Tries To Fight Against Birds For 4 Years, And It Gets Funnier With Every Pic – Karolina Wv


Once birds find an attractive place to nest, high up away from predators, ideally with some shelter and a little warmth, they will go to great lengths to keep it. I mean, wouldn’t you if you were in their position?Imgur user atomicrabbit2 discovered this to his cost, after moving into a lovely new house with a cozy gas heater. The exhaust was nicely tucked away in a corner, presenting an ideal place for birds to settle in and make themselves at home. And so the bird wars began. Envisioning a simple solution to his problem, atomicrabbit2 started off with some basic bird blocking techniques. Needless to say, it quickly escalated from there and continues to this very day, 4 years later…..

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