Category: Brexit Issues

Industry Leaders Believe The Brexit Deal Will Pave Way For Massive Adoption Of Blockchain Technology – Uma Johnson

While blockchain technology is known to have many life-transforming advantages, the new technology is still lacking in terms of adoption. Industry leaders and blockchain companies are looking for new opportunities to explore and promote mass adoption. Well, there just might be an opportunity as…


Can Brexit Save Blockchain? Reactions From The Industry – Gina Clarke

It has been a turbulent two days in British politics, and the economy is already looking nervous as a result. Sterling fell by 1.8% against the Euro on Wednesday as Prime Minister Theresa May attempts to convince a skeptical government to accept the proposed…

Walmart Is Latest Retailer to Beat Earnings, While Brexit Keeps Investors Guessing – JJ Kinahan

Walmart became the latest major store to exceed earnings estimates Wednesday, and shares of the company climbed in pre-market trading. The Walmart news might help give the rest of the market a lift, but Brexit worries have the dollar on the rise again. Walmart…

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