Quick takes: Disappointing NODX opens door for rollback of GDP expectations

(Source: http://www.businesstimes.com.sg) SINGAPORE’S non-oil domestic exports lost steam in September to post a 1.1 per cent decline after months of increase capped by a 16.7 per cent year-on-year (y-o-y) surge in August. The drop was even more stark month on month (m-o-m), with the NODX plunging by a seasonally adjusted 11 per cent. The NODX […] […]

The Winning MindSet – Create Your Own Virtual Goldmine

Mindset is such a powerful thing, and I encourage you to tap into yours. No one else will know if you repeat a certain phrase to yourself, or psych yourself up before work with your power song. Focusing on seemingly minor things like remembering to be your authentic self and a team player, can change […]

10 Time-Saving Google Chrome Extensions for Busy Entrepreneurs

Are you a busy entrepreneur looking for ways to save time? Want to speed up some of the daily tasks you perform on your computer? If you use Google Chrome as your web browser there are a ton of extensions that can help. Extensions can help you get organised, block ads, store to-do lists, reduce… via […]

Cheap and Cheerful: Are Low Price Hosting Solutions Worth The Price?

It’s part of our nature to question low price a deal we deem too good to be true with instinct urging us to exercise caution during the purchase. “You get what you pay for” is the reality that consumers are instructed to consider upon discovering that hidden gem in the market, however paying such a… via […]

50 Cent Freedom – Offering a 10 Website Rotator To Promote Your Business, Products & Opportunities While Providing With An Income Stream

This really amazing system is your path to Financial Freedom! Would you be willing to spend JUST 50 Cents to earn $8256 a Month. Plus gain access to a Website Rotator where you can promote 10 websites using just one link.Take the opportunity to join this program it will benefit YOU Big Time! What does […]

50 Horrible Business Cliches You Need to Stop Saying Right Now

How often do you say “Thanks in advance” at the bottom of your emails? Or “With all due respect” when you disagree with someone? Those are just two of the annoying cliches GoToMeeting say you should stop using in this infographic. The post 50 Horrible Business Cliches You Need to Stop Saying Right Now… via 50 […]