WP Click Pop Engage


Engage Using Video Utilize The Sharing Power Of Social Media and The Ability To Lean On Viral News And Websites.Engage Traffic With Opt-Ins, Images And Call To Actions To Build Your List And Drive Sales.Do you often promote CPA , Teespring and Amazon offers and wish you could drive more traffic to your links?

Click Pop Engage is for you!Build a pop that encourages people to click through to your link and turn traffic into clicks and sales.Sit back and see the difference it makes to your sales, and your bank account .The secret to any business that relies on sales is that a constant stream of fresh leads is always going to increase sales.

The bigger the list, the easier it is to make sales. Its a numbers game! When I ran my own company that promoted businesses online, these businesses understood the value of leads, and would be happy to gather 50 new leads a week! We recently ran a short two day list building exercise with Click Pop Engage just promoting on small Social Media page.

We gathered over 100 leads in two days with a conversion rate of nearly 40%! Now what would you do with an extra 350 leads a week.Click Pop Engage gives you the ability to take traffic and direct it where you want it to go. You can lean on authority sites and share over social media to drive traffic to your business website or sales page. More sales = more income. How would more income transform your business today




Step #1: Build Your Pop


Step #2: Put Your Pop Over a Website


Step #3: Share the Link & Watch the Sales Roll In!


  • Easy to use WordPress Plug-In
  • Use video to capture the attention of your visitors, leading them to opt-in or buy!
  • Full customization pop builder to give you the freedom to create your own custom engagement machine, for any visitor, in any niche!
  • Put your pop over the top of any website you choose allowing you to lean on authority sites and articles.
  • Harness the power of social media from your control panel by sharing your pop at the click of a button, reaching more targeted people than ever before.
  • Monetize any website of your choosing, generate leads and happy customers easily and effectively
  • One of the most in-depth list building and sales making tools you will EVER find as a WP Plug-In!



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Sinfiltrator Content Creator


Sinfiltrator FE is a complete Training + Software package. The Software is an advanced jacking software that allows you to place YOUR call to action over the top of ANY other page on the intranet. So you can take Wikipedia, or Microsoft, or any other website and place your optin form, button, video, scarcity bar or clickable image on that website.Sinfiltrator will allow you to get instant traffic by sharing high quality content from OTHER people’s websites with YOUR affiliate links, CPA links, optin forms, buy buttons and more anywhere online, including social media. Use our step by step training to find content that’s guaranteed to attract massive clicks. Then simply place your offers over the top of that content using our software. You can send this traffic ANYWHERE.Follow our video training where nothing is left out, and find awesome content to make money in any niche, Use our software to quickly overlay your money-making offers right over the top of that content.You don’t have to have a website to make money or build a list with Sinfiltrator. Our system is fully hosted on our lightning-fast servers so you can skip straight to profits. All you need to do is login to our system and you will be able to start sharing monetized content instantly, Never be stuck with technical issues anymore. Sinfiltrator is perfect for non-techys, Create beautiful money layers and calls to action that attract clicks like crazy, even if you know nothing about websites.






Build professional CALL-TO-ACTION horizontal bars at the top and bottom of your websites in minutes , without code. CTA Bar can easily integrate with your autoresponder via the API or you can embed the html code. This features allows you to collect more email leads on any page of your website in an unintrusive way. Add scarcity and increase conversions with countdown timers for your launches and specials. You can customize the timer to fit the style of your website. Drive viral traffic to your website with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter buttons. You can easily add social buttons to show on every page of your website. Add customer headlines, taglines and text at the top or bottom of all the pages of your website.  You can easily call attention to the most important element of your website. Collect more email leads with optin forms and increase social fans with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter buttons, Increase engagement with headlines, links, buttons and countdown timers at the top or bottom of your website and with around 50% of your traffic coming from mobile devices, you need to have a strong CTA that is mobile friendly.Drive more traffic and collect more leads with our simple point and click software



Rocket Bar


Call To Actions are everywhere, and it is the one thing that stands between you making a sale, and letting a potential customer just walk away…in fact, studies reveal that businesses can expect to see between a 22% – 500% increase in physical sales and conversions as soon as you employ a call to action. Do you know what that means? If you really want to start making waves and skyrocket your conversions and sales this year, then it’s vital for you to a) have a call to action for others to see and b) display it in as many places as you can. The only problem is…even if you already have a call to action, how can you get it seen by more people?Whether you’re looking to grow your list, promote affiliate products or even sell your own products and services, there has never been an easier solution created, than Rocket Bar.To make things even sweeter, we have decided to release Rocket Bar at a really amazing discounted price to give you complete freedom to enjoy the power of creating high converting call to action bars to put on any website, without having to pay a fortune or get locked into monthly fees like other call to action software